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Added a new video Mazzaka Crew - Bangers Part 2014 1/12/2015 3:53 PM

With this video we took part in the "Bangers freestyle filmfestival 2014" and unfortunately only reached the 13th place but the time with the crew was amazing! Mazzaka crew is a german BMX crew from germany est. 2014. Instagram : @mazzakacrew facebook : Riders: Tim Rude,Vincent Doczekala,Michael Dunger,Robin Kachfi,Robin Geiger,Florian Faust,Justin Rudd and Felix Wühler edited by Robin Kachfi

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Added a new video Robin Kachfi - Best of 2014 Kunstform?! CYSM? 1/11/2015 4:20 PM

Hi, my name is Robin Kachfi I'm 18 years old from mannheim germany and I love BMX , to film and to travel! This is my best of 2014 and also a video for the kunstform!? video contest special thanks to my dudes who filmed me and for the good times in our crew ! @mazzakacrew

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Added a new video Best of 2013 5/26/2014 11:26 AM

this is my best of 2013 webedit !

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  • C48_mg_9920
  • C48_906417_528181427256145_1130891738_o
  • C48_bike2014
  • C48_nacnac_2014
  • C48_tabletop_2014_karlsruhe

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Do you ever feel like you're the luckiest person ever? Getting sponsored by RedBull on your birthday is something that dosen't happen to just anyone, it happens to you.

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omg i'm speechless . thank you kriss !!

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thanks !

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Hi , i´m Robin from Germany my question is how do you come to ride bmx ? and would you marry me .. haha? you're my idol i watched every Video of you. When i saw this chance to win your bike i was speechless and ride with you or your bike is my dream. if i will win this competition i would have piece of my dream . I watched your edit every day , because its inspired me sooo mutch when i go ride .you´re sooo sick this is so crazy i want to ride just like you ! its funny my friends called me Lil Kyle because i talk every day of you and i have your ride style haha and this inspired me more . greetings from Germany !

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