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I once dug a hole on the beach and then had someone burry me in it.

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Chill on the spam, homie

Reply to the photography thread 8/4/2015 10:44 AM

I wish I found turtles when out riding

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More recent to semi-recent shots

... more »

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@myspacebarisbroken - canon 60d. also please don't quote photos lol it just clutters the page and makes them take longer to load.

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Took this a couple days ago:

Reply to Thunderbolt crank question 7/9/2015 11:22 AM

99% sure the instructions tell you exactly how to put it on. They even come with smaller spacers to get it dialed in. I know because I have had Twombolts and currently use Thunderbolts.

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Use a different spacer. That purple one is too big.

Reply to Has anyone won the vital tshirt? 6/27/2015 9:04 AM

the 5k wheel set is not a real thing

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One of my friends has been a professional mountain biker since high school and has traveled all over the world for world championships and whatnot. I always thought mountain biking looked pretty awesome (but expensive) so I never considered it, but now ... more »

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I do not approve.

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Watching your web edits and video parts was definitely a big influence on my decision to ultimately get a freecoaster about 5 years ago. Who were some of the riders that inspired you to try out a freecoaster?

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Conjoined twins Kyle Carlson and Josh Betley.

Reply to MERRITT coaster LIFETIME guarantee 5/11/2015 11:23 AM

Sounds like this Merritt driver will be compatible with the majority of the freecoasters on the market.

Reply to loose spokes....do tennis balls acutally do anything?? 3/28/2015 11:52 AM

That's what a shoelace is for (tie a shoelace around the hub with enough slack to let it move around). The whole tennis ball thing is just stupid in my opinion.

Reply to bruce crisman was the diamomdback team manager right? 3/24/2015 1:30 PM

I don't remember if he was ever TM, but he used to ride for them way back in the day when he competed in park competitions. Pretty sure he has an X-Games gold in park from when he was about 19.

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It was sarcasm lol

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I already banned all of them lol