Added a product review for Verde Cartel Stem 11/6/2010 1:57 PM

verde cartel stem


The Good: the good thing about this is its esy to apply and its not all in your face

The Bad: the bad is u wont find many bikes the same colour as this bike

Overall: this is a half decent stem from verde

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Added a product review for Colony Clone Rim 11/6/2010 12:55 PM

colony clone rim


The Good: this rim is very easy to apply

The Bad: the rim makes you wheel seem to light

Overall: this rim is quite good considering it's very easy to apply

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Added a product review for Alienation 7up Rim 11/6/2010 12:46 PM

alienation 7up ro=im =)


The Good: the rim is noticable at the skat park

The Bad: the rim is hard to lose on a night if your being chased =)

Overall: this rim is pretty good as it's easy to fit on and it's easy to seee perfect for the green and black stolen

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Added a product review for 2013 WeThePeople Trust Bike 11/6/2010 12:38 PM

we the people 2009


The Good: the bike is easy to put pegs on

The Bad: the bike is to heavy for a we the people

Overall: the bike is not a very nice bike but it's easy to asemble=)

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Added a product review for Stolen Thermalite Pegs 11/6/2010 12:34 PM

stolen green pegs


The Good: the pegs are bright easy and light and easy to put on

The Bad: There too bright for my liking

Overall: The pegs are fricking awesome =)

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Added a product review for 2011 Stolen SINNER Bike 11/6/2010 12:29 PM

stlen bmx 2010 black and dark green =)


The Good: it's really light for amazing 180's =)

The Bad: it's a bit to light for when you go over big jumps when you land You'r bound to fall off =s

Overall: This bike is ok it's about 3 out of 5 stars it's just abit to light

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Added a product review for Odyssey B.E.T.A. Bag 11/6/2010 11:47 AM



The Good: Brilliant for space espicially frthose far a way tournies when you need some where to put ya clothes

The Bad: It's to big to carry all the time

Overall: altogether this bag is pretty good espiacally as it hoilds ma lucky for when im riding

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Added a product review for Kink Delta II Grips 11/6/2010 11:42 AM

kink delta grips =)


The Good: They're soft and bright but need to be a bit more stronger

The Bad: they wear down way to quick fo what people are demanding for them

Overall: these grips are pretty awesome and would make a great chrismtas present for your little bike fanatic

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Added a product review for Kink Alpha Grips 11/6/2010 11:38 AM

kink alpha grips =)


The Good: these grips are soft and give no blisters. Good for the young rider just loearning

The Bad: they rip way to easily

Overall: I think these are half decent grips great for young riders and they're nice and bright

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