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Sunday! Gary Young Pro


The Good: Short rear end, high front end. Cranks, hubs, rims.

The Bad: If you ride hard the fork will bend. Grips wear through fast and the head-set is bad quality. Brake pads scrape the pain off the rims although its clear pads.


A great bike with great parts (Odyssey). Nice geometry for fast spinning and manuals. My fork bent after 9 months, but I'm hard on forks. Plus Sunday gave me a discount on a new Sunday Octave 41-Thermal fork!

The color is totaly different from the picture, its a gold speckled really bright red! In the pictures the red looks really dull.

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Same here...

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How does the rawed rim work out for braking? What pads do you use? I have a rawed and polished odyssey quadrant and used odyssey slim by four clear pads and they make noise, loose brake power in no time, and leave the rim all black and dirty. Then i ... more ยป

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This is my Sunday Gary Young Pro 2013.

Stock except for pedals and grips. The original Odyssey Gary Young grips really sucked and started wearing through after 2 weeks. Also took the stickers off.