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Added reply in a thread Little kids at the skatepark depreciation thread 8/27/2014 5:33 AM

i don't normally care too much when kids wanna ride. Cutting people off is always a shit move. But really all you gotta do, unless they are some sort of punk, you can just talk to them and be cool and tell them to watch out. I think more than anything, ... more »

Added reply in a thread Interbike Wishlist 8/27/2014 5:24 AM

I wanna see some interesting freecoaster design. New things in general that excite the mind. Mainly cool frame stuff, the death of 75.5 frames because thats too much. The Dugan Tires will be neat. New rims!!! Cool looking not so simplistic stems. Basically ... more »

Added reply in a thread Sickdude got a girlfriend!!!! BMX Related!!! 8/26/2014 6:02 PM

Is this forreal? lol

Added reply in a thread So I put brakes on.. 8/25/2014 12:32 PM

Brakes are rad keep brakes. haha I love mine.

Added reply in a thread Why Not Make... 8/25/2014 12:28 PM

I disagree with some of these wireless brake ideas. FIrst problem is, I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING ELECTRIC ON MY BIKE. Keep bikes simple. One wrong interference from another person in the park with that same brake or even cell phone interference and youre ... more »

Started new thread Why Not Make... 8/24/2014 8:50 AM

Why not make the Odyssey Director forks again but this tim have a shorter offset? Like have a 25mm offset director fork. They wouldn't look as bent and it'd feel better. What do you guys think? Are there any new part ideas that you think companies should ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Stevie Churchill in 1 picture 8/24/2014 8:47 AM

Stop! XD i cant stop laughing. I ride like this #nofucksgiven But forreal, i do and it helps because i can pop more. Dugan does this too. lol

Added reply in a thread SUNDAY complete PRO CRACKED 8/24/2014 8:42 AM

Yes, it can be welded. It actually looks like the tubing was not properly prepped before the original weld. Maybe contact Sunday and see if they can help with a replacement or just weld it.

Started new thread End Of Summer Reflection 8/23/2014 6:50 PM

Well this summer has surely been an interesting one. I went into this summer with a lot of high hopes, and not only were some of those hopes met, it was a lot of fun. I had made a dirt jump and progressed a lot. I had learned all kinds of stuff, 540 ... more »

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Added reply in a thread a solution to my delima 8/23/2014 6:34 PM

Honestly, not a good idea. You pay for what you get and sure, it may be chromoly but it still isnt very good. You DO NOT EVER HAVE TO SPEND 500 PLUS ON A FRAME AND FORK IF YOU DONT WANT TO. look on the for sale section here dude. Lots of legit stuff ... more »

Added reply in a thread credence limousine 8/21/2014 6:48 PM

Annnnnd soaked. I seriously would make sweet love to this in a bowl or some trails haha

Added reply in a thread Another 360 thread 8/21/2014 11:51 AM


Added reply in a thread Another 360 thread 8/21/2014 11:41 AM

As i keep saying, 360s are all about continuous looking and being able to control your bike. Lightness usually doesn't matter when you can ALREADY do the trick. Since you are learning i really recommend removing a few pegs. It sounds silly and i know ... more »

Added reply in a thread How do i get good grades and ride? 8/20/2014 8:08 PM

Idk i just had a lot of interracial sex in the auditorium and it worked out really well. Honestly i never did homework, just got good grades on tests. In reality it is just understanding what the teacher is telling you. Normally teachers don't say extremely ... more »

Added reply in a thread BRANDON BEGIN SUCKS 8/20/2014 6:02 PM

Begin does do all that a lot haha it doesn't really matter and thats part of why it's hilarious.

Added reply in a thread Looking For Some Parts!! 8/20/2014 5:54 PM

Emails gotten!

Added reply in a thread Cult Deathrow 8/19/2014 8:03 PM

Hey I got a friend interested in this all the way. Shoot me a text and I can hook it up. 304-5five9-five8one0 Thanks

Added reply in a thread Looking For Some Parts!! 8/19/2014 6:05 PM

Email has been sent!

Added reply in a thread Long Post Alert: "I did those b4 I got hurt" 8/19/2014 11:01 AM

I actually did get hurt and all it did is make me have to re-learn stuff. And it made me smoother because landing hard will hurt. Same with airing. Since airing is smoother i'm more comfortable doing that. Work is what happened to me. Now that I work, ... more »

Added reply in a thread Looking For Some Parts!! 8/19/2014 10:44 AM

Please do, also leave your number or email so i can contact you man! I'm pretty interested as long as the price isn't crazy! haha