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Well, to be fair he isn't exactly saying that, although I do see that it could be seen as that. As riders we can represent the thing we do how we want. He isn't THAT big. Sure KIDS know him, but if i mentioned his name to a random dude on the street, ... more »

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Lol, I mean I get that, but is it even worth it for that? Just ignore him like everyone else who dislikes him. I personally have nothing against with what he is doing, I'm not a big fan of his webisodes and the way his channel is. It's too much. It's ... more »

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Get back on a bike! Maybe that'll save us all.

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Lol what for? That, sir, is how you get in prison or like 500,000 12 y/o BMX riders after you.

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We all knew this was what was gonna happen lol But really i mean who else is super "excited" for another cult frame color way! there aren't way too many of the exact same frame with a different paint job already out there.

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I disagree, i think a full woodgrain would be SICK. Haha You could always sing the Morning Wood song.

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That's dope. Good for you dude, can't wait to check it out! And I think lacing wheels is pretty easy, just time consuming as fuck. lol

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Holy Fuck XD XD XD This is so good.. I mean he isn't a bad rider... the dude does rip hard on some bikes. But will he be sponsored like that? Hell NO. Will he ride with Zack Gerber? Unless Ben tracks his ass down and finds him, no way. That's so funny. ... more »

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Well I'm in WV but i ride a lot of parks in Pittsburgh! I know the park in Greensburg Peach Plaza but I have yet to go.

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That's genius and somewhat awesome. I wonder if any of my stickers were already doing this all along.. hmm. Why doesn't Bell and other makers of helmets just have the whole shell coated in it?? haha\ Where can I get this shit? Save me a google I'm lazy ... more »

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My God... that's so.. it's just fucked up.. I wonder what went wrong. Or if he had a history of depression or maybe a concussion fucked with the brain chemistry. I hope his family is okay. This is so sudden seeming. He hadn't really ridden in so long ... more »

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Hell Yeah we got Tim Horton's. That shit is the bomb.

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Lol You aren't too far from where I live. Looks to me like a "sears" complete bike styled to look like a hutch. It's pretty old though but in good condition. Get that thing cleaned up and stuff and it'd be a fun cruiser for a pump track or something! ... more »

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Makes me very... very... moist. I'm drooling. That's beautiful. I had an all chrome baby once.. It was lovely. Does it distract airplanes as they fly above you with the sun reflecting from it?

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Actually, I really really like that. I mean I know if I end up buying it it'll look like i'm some fanboy, but I LOVE the look of that. I love a lower stand over (hate high stand overs, they feel like shit to me), I love hydroformed stuff, and i love ... more »

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Why are you selling??

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Depends on what you need to be doing. I ran 2.1 front and rear for a bit, not terrible but feels twitchy and more turn-y sort of. And now I'm back on 2.3 rear 2.4 front. Its way more comfortable for foot jams and better for stuff like manual 180s and ... more »

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My geo would be better because well, it's a change in the direction i wish it could go. It's just the smarter way for mine. So basically shortening the backend and steepening the head tube a little and moving the seat tube forward slightly would basically ... more »

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There are so many riders it's hard to say who is risking their lives the most, I actually wouldn't say Burns is doing the stuff he used to. He has slowed down a little. As far as riders who seriously make me cringe to watch them hurling down giant shit, ... more »

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I think i would dig this 75.3 headtube 20.82 tt 71.5 seattube Whatever chain stay sits at 13.5, so probably 13.35 or so. 11.8 BB 5 inch headtube 8.2 inch seattube 4.3 pounds Wide down tube and skinny top tube. beefy ass chain stays with a wishbone beefy ... more »