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Seems good to me. I recently have been on some stuff i haven't had in a long time. Something more stable and it's saving me left and right. 13.75 chain stay 9 inch stand over 11.8 bb and a 75 head tube. I hated most of this for a long time but my riding ... more »

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Hey guys. Got a black Demo rotator wheel for sale. 100 shipped and it's in great condition. Fresh driver and it's got barely any scratches and is straight as an arrow. Text me for pics @ 304- five five 9 five 8 one zero

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I am actually digging it too. A little gimmicky but who really cares. It's sweet in my book. They are so good looking and they can make them stronger.

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So I have worked at this cafeteria bullshit for like a year and a half now. It's been terrible. Absolutely awful. I was injured at work, they said I COULD HAVE BEEN FIRED FOR IT. The sprayer that makes the sanitizer was messed up and it sprayed me in ... more »

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I would sometimes. I switch that up sometimes. I'm currently on four plastics because i'm just playing with my subrosa rail and the ledges in my town which are rather terrible so for the most fun I can get out of them this is the best way.. I don't hate ... more »

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my brother has the 333 and it was okay but the bearings blow up consistently Stocksy has Cinema rims and a front hub and i hate truing them. They're bland and I have no real interest in them.

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Flat isn't gone. I know dudes that do it. It's just a harder form of BMX that costs a bit more as well since there really isn't a ton of flatland oriented stuff made readily available to a normal person. I think there is flatland fuel or whatever but ... more »

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He is probably tired of running terrible parts.

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It doesn't necessarily make the head tube steeper. It makes your front wheel more under the bike. Like if you take 2 frames and one has a 74 head tube and the other has a 76 you can actually see the difference if you build them up with the same exact ... more »

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Some older fly frame... i can't remember which one but its sweet. Oh yeah it's the Three Amigos

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Bailey's from a shoe.

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Do it on a ledge first. Or put like some grind box or chair or anything that'll stay put like a picnic table and try to stall it. I think its easier to do on a sub box situation.

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I run two of them with zero issues. Some of the best hub guards i have had. Slide really nicely.

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Actually, humor is a natural psychological reaction to a bad situation. It's a way of coping with what you can't usually. I knew kids who lived in a shit hole, had the shittiest jobs, a crazy drunk dad and a strung out mom, they lived in hell basically. ... more »

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Buy my Demo Rotator wheel for 100 shipped... its in like new condition with a new driver and all.

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I throw my bars into the spin so i learned them the same day i learned bars. First or second try. Trucks took a little and i just don't like how much effort they take and i hate continuously landing 270. I was stoked the day i learned bars.

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I think the mini BMX is harder tbh. Its really weird and loopy and messes everything else up for me when i ride. I hate it.

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He is in Canada...

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I actually could have some good fun with that thing...

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This has to be the most aesthetically pleasing bike I have ever seen.