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Okay thanks!

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I cracked my stem a couple days ago (it's a stock verde theory stem i got from someone) do you think its okay to ride for a while until i get a new

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Okay thanks for the help. I was trying them at the skate park today and i kept catching them but when i landed i was either to far foward towards my bars or i landed and my foot came off. I got one today where it was perfect but it hit my knee pad when ... more »

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When the thread doesn't get responded to in a certain amount of time, it starts to move down the list of threads because new threads are the first thing you usually see when you go to the forums. When you bump it usually newly responded threads go back ... more »

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Get the colony. My friend has the verde theory and hes a decent rider, who doesnt ride that hard. He doesnt do any big stairs or anything but every so often does gaps and he cracked his frame bad. He only had the frame for about 4 months too.

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I can throw truckdrivers flyout but i have some trouble with them. If i catch my bars, one of my feet come off of the pedals. if my feet are on, i can either catch the bars one handed or none. Some tips would be appreciated, if you have some. Thanks, ... more »

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