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These bars though


The Good: Perfect for barspins, slightly different from the norm, perfect geometry, threaded barends, tree, just about everything.

The Bad: Slightly different shape could lead to bars bending due to more leverage, highly doubt it though.


These bars are solid. I can not really fault them in any way, and they have the perfect balance of control and manouverability (sp?) .They just feel great to ride and look the part. And for just £26 down from £70 or whatever these bars were and are just the best. I cant imagine myself switching to another set.

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Thanks all :D

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What i would give for a good local bike shop...

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Thanks man! Cant wait for the bars to turn up and ride it properly.

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Hello vital! About two weeks ago i had my stolen legion custom bike stolen (try to report that one to the police!) and of course i was devastated. Luckily, insurance agreed to pay out (some of the money) and here is my new custom fit wifi build! Im new

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