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On the other hand, the locks are generic and can be bought much cheaper and if you have a decent welder you can makr a goo strong rail much cheaper, scaffolding works amazing by the way.

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What dials a bike? I do.

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My barcode is close to 8lbs, feels fine to me, my ruben is around 5 maybe less, also feels fine. Dont be a sissy.

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You worry too much, dont make yourself obligated to ride. If its a nice day but you dont feel like it watch a film or something dont make yourself do it. Ive rode once this year as weather and how i felt permitted it, had the time of my life.

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Please also remember if we are talking spline style cranks, a bigger surface area woll take stresses more evenly on the teeth, ive personally twisted 19mm profiles, my tibias refuse to die.

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I prefer the classic black and chrome of mid school, but thats just me. do what you feel.

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Bigger, stronger and lighter. 19 just doesn't cut it for me.

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I remember back in the day, we would hammer the chainstay and seat stay braces in on Standard STA500 frames so we could slam the wheel at 13.75" and that was with a 1.95" tyre.

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Lul i have basically one session used 28tMDS with matching guard sat in my room.

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Had profiles and yes they do wobble, got a set on my 02 barcode, they wobble too. However 22mm 48 spline seems to work better, my tibias are fine after years of abuse, do prefer powerbites though everytime.

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If you have to ask for an opinion on a custom frame you arent ready for a custom frame.

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Proposed ACB BB, never caught on,

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measure BB, then measure BB bearings butted up against the spacer, these numbers should be exact, if bearings and spacer are too long, file the spacer down, making sure keeping parallel. Always use plenty of grease when installing bearings.

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T-1 barcode, in 20.5. Do it.

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Thought you were sticking to one thread/

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Sounds like a bearing issue or the clutch has bound onto the driver.

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I think maybe, just maybe, the forums starting to not go nuts everytime someone who posesses a vagina joins. This is a good thing, also welcome and enjoy.

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Kranclife, awfully close spelling to kranklife. Krank being slang for meth.

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Front brakes are for bosses, not trail bosses, but, bosses.

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But then there would be nothing to bitch about you guys!