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Sprocket bolts don't need to be tightened down at all as long as cranks are tight. Leave a small gap and see if it improves.

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Lol at English hops. Nah mate a hop is a hop, front end first and lift the rear.

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Can I eat and criminal mischief all day.

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Making a very small resurgence, I personally love front brakes.

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And Rob Ridge while he is at it. Fucking wizard of a rider.

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Personally i wouldn't use hand tools as buttplugs but if you stay safe and lube well, more power to you.

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Sounds like your friend wants attention if im honest, Standard came in hard early nineties made a decent amount of money, but basically S&M, T-1, Hoffman, got a huge slice of the pie, everybody wanted one of those brand and standard kind of joined ... more »

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Not like any s&m I have seen, sounds like he just slapped a sticker on something stock.

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Bearings with the same code are essentially the same size but they are measured in such tiny increments there can be a slight difference in tolerance. One bearing might be very tight, another looser even though they are the "same"

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Lmao the best part is "I bought a merrit headset" yeah mate the bearings are generic from the same factory, so get off the high horse. Piece of advice for you too. If everyone is saying the same thing and you think they are all being shitty, maybe it's ... more »

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Troy lee design knee shin combo. Hard shell, good coverage and don't cost a bomb.

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Get a g-sport ratchet hub.

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Socials and chopstix are actually good cranks especially for 48spline, they install nice and tight so a lot less chance of screwing up.

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2.1 is where it's at. Or 1.95 Aitken in the rear is sweet too.

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I have a verde neo headset in my 02 barcode works perfectly.

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Seriously it's a nothing matter. I'm a type 1 diabetic and have never had a problem? Low blood sugar happens with any high impact sport so just prepare, have food and drink on you at all times.

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Go big or go home. Botox injections into your palms. No really, if you have that extreme sweating condition it really helps.

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I remember when he first went missing poor dude.

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All depending, I love nyquist mirra Hoffman Castillo Delarosa etc. mainly mid school riders. Even if Reynolds rips I will always choose a Hamilton edit over his even if I'm an all pegs kinda guy.

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I don't think the overall length was the issue so forks twisting because of the axle isn't as likely. 4130 is quite a springy material, I think the twist is more fatigue than anything especially as you actually ride your bike.