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Added a product review for Season Bikes Solar Rear Hub Guard 9/22/2012 2:21 PM

Season Solar Guard


The Good: Thick, smooth, large enough to cover the spokes on pretty much any hub on the market today. Slides pretty well and comes with a steel insert to prevent it from deforming around the axle.

The Bad: Nothing at all


I needed a guard that would fit my Odyssey coaster and this fits perfectly. i recommend this guard to anyone its pretty cheap and built to last.

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Added a product review for Cult DAK Grips 9/11/2012 10:55 AM

DAK Cult Shit


The Good: Look good. Feel amazing, Soft and Grippy, and have a good length. The flanges feel amazing!

The Bad: Felt shitty when my hands were sweaty at first but for some reason it stopped slipping


These grips may look like they suck but theyre actuallyamazing . When sweaty theyre just like my ODIs and Duo Bohans so they still shed sweat. The flanges feel great especially when doing long ass sliders with a freecoaster or spin tricksand these things GRIP. Dont be skeptical and buy a pair you wont be disappointed

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Added a product review for Cult FAITH Grips 8/6/2012 5:14 PM



The Good: Theyre long, lots of colors and they look pretty dope

The Bad: I hate the grip on these! I live in a humid place and i cant grip either side of these. I cant get used to these im slipping everywhere. The bar ends blow which im sure you all know

Overall: They feel alright when my hands are dry but once i get a bit of sweat im slipping. I might throw them backm on when its not as humid but im not sure yet.

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Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Pivotal Seatposts 8/2/2012 12:58 AM



The Good: Its long so you can raise it alot. comes in alot of colors

The Bad: nothing its a post

Overall: I have the 115mm i had the same one but cut it really short. i think this is a cool post

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Added a product review for Cult DEHART Tire 7/14/2012 12:02 AM

Cult Dehart Tires 2.25


The Good: Theyre grippy when its dry out. Like almost too grippy! Theyre fat, squeeky if that matters haha and super thick so you wont get flats or grind through the sidewalls as fast. And the best part.... theyre fast as fuck.

The Bad: Suck dick in the rain for sure. Theyre not as fat as they say. The 2.25 is atleast 2.3 or 2.35 unlike the 2.42 they say it is but thats no biggie.. Sometimes they feel squishy idk if im tripping out but im pretty sure youd feel it too. Theyre also heavy cause of how thick they are but thats pretty much it.

Overall: These things are MEAN I love these tires! Kenda/Cult made some quality tires here and they get the job done beter than most other tires ive had. I love how these are so thick you hardly get flats and they roll fast as fuck. what more could you want?

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Added a product review for Stolen Cherry Frame 6/19/2012 3:04 AM

Stolen Cherry


The Good: Super light. Very innovative with the Vortex twisted downtube, tapered seat stays, D-shaped chain stays, Unique bottom bracket and Taper Lock drop outs. I love that it's heat treated so thats a definite plus for anyone looking at this frame.

The Bad: Would be way better if it had a downtube gusset.

Overall: Never really was a fan of Stolen but this frame changed my opinion. It's the perfect geo for me. It's a super techy frame with a ton of goodies. Stolen really thought this through and is one solid ass frame. Get at it !!!!!!1

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Added a product review for Cult DOOMSDAY Pegs 4/23/2012 1:27 AM



The Good: It slides amazing. Good long lasting peg. Pretty good thickness and length. Doesnt dent easily either

The Bad: Nothing really. Could have anti-spin pins for those LHD riders.

Overall: I use this as a front peg. LOVE it. Slides well on everything ive grinded and has taken many many rough smith grinds with hardly any flat spots.I slam this thing hard too nothing has happened. Theyre pretty damn cheap so get a pair.

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Added a product review for Cult OS Sprocket 4/12/2012 1:07 AM

Cult OS Sprocket


The Good: Really nice machining all around. Pretty strong around the bolt hole. A very good price for a very good sprocket Cult knows whats up.

The Bad: Nothing at all

Overall: One of my favorite sprockets ive ever owned, keeps shit straight and looking dope. pretty much built to last

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Added a product review for Cult DAK Seat 2/23/2012 8:11 AM

Cult Occult Mid


The Good: Pretty damn comfy i tell you what. Perfect to sit on when selling propane and propane accessories or drinking beer in the ally. Nah seriously its legit though.

The Bad: I traded mine.

Overall: Get at it. i had the brown one and it was pretty cool.

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Added a product review for Kink Sean Sexton Signature Seat 2/19/2012 11:52 PM

Kink SEXton Seat


The Good: Super comfy, Nice material, incredibly nice shape, FAT but not too fat. its perfect.

The Bad: I dont like the gold knives and Kink logo so i Sharpied them. THIS IS SO COMFY YOU WONT WANT TO STOP SITTING ON IT.

Overall: Awesome if youre tired of your ass hurting and your seats ripping get this. $32.99

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Added a product review for Demolition PC Pedals 2/8/2012 12:42 AM

Okay Okay Okay...


The Good: Demolition stepped their game up on these. The new 6mm allen slot is nice. They stepped their game up on the pedal body material so they dont crack. Only $15! Super grippy and solid.

The Bad: Im on my second set the first set sucked balls and got cracked in the first week. Glad to see demo stepped these up. only thing was they were loose so they rattled alot when i bought them. you just gotta tighten the bodies up a bit.

Overall: I hated my last set but the new Nylon set is super light and grippy and hasnt cracked. Ive had them a month so far lasted longer than my last pair with hardly any wear. Very very affordable. I now recommend these to anybody.

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Added a product review for Colony Integrated Headset 2/1/2012 1:44 AM

Colony Headset


The Good: Great bearings smoothest ive ever owned. Nice dust cover i guess. Gives a little bit extra rise than most headsets.

The Bad: its a colony but oh well mine was free.

Overall: Like this headset alot! Gonna get a zodiac cover and keep the bearings theyre steez

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Added a product review for Stolen Implant Headset 2/1/2012 1:39 AM



The Good: Good for those women with small breasts or those needing a new headset.

The Bad: STOLEN is kinda dumb.

Overall: Silicone like Pam Andersons tits. Breast implant for your bike.

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Added a product review for Sputnic Headset 2/1/2012 1:37 AM

Sputnic Headset


The Good: Cheap, only 20$. Smooth and simple. Cool matte finish and a very low stack height.

The Bad: Nothing just always use grease!

Overall: Cheap headset. Not to different than others just a few dollars cheaper.

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Added a product review for United Value Spanish Bottom Bracket 2/1/2012 1:34 AM

What a value.


The Good: 20$ thats a good price. Very simplistic love the cone shaped covers. Comes with loads of spacers and a sticker.

The Bad: The Spanish style bearings lasted a year. I was shocked

Overall: This is well worth 20$ if you need a new BB this will have you covered. Great job United!

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Added a product review for Federal Washington Seat 1/31/2012 11:55 PM

Federal Slim Pivotal


The Good: Slim but not too slim that it hurts your ass. Looks so clean and dope graphic on it. Super light i guess and has a nice kevlar cover

The Bad: Idk its faded but no worries

Overall: Get one if you like Grey or Federal. Mines chillin in my room! Yeah! :D

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Added a product review for S&M 101 Pedals Pedals 1/27/2012 1:57 AM

S&M One-O-One


The Good: Not too heavy for an unsealed metal pedal. theyre smaller than most pedals and have some alright grip

The Bad: Unsealed arent knurled so they slipped a couple of times

Overall: prolly dont even sell these anymore but theyre super easy pedals to maintain. replacement pins are a breeze to use.

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Added a product review for Cult LEADER Handlebars 1/27/2012 1:32 AM

Cult Leader 8.25


The Good: Super light weight for the size. perfect width and upsweep. all around great geometry!

The Bad: theyre thin thats why theyre light so they got bent after a while.

Overall: These are some sick ass bars. i liked mine but id rather get some S&M bars for the same price. if these were a bit thicker and not so butted they would be my favs

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Added a product review for ODI Subliminal Grips 1/27/2012 1:23 AM

Subliminal Grips


The Good: Super soft right out of the package.

The Bad: theyre super thin. if you run high pressure you will feel the impact in your hands.

Overall: Theyre good grips. kinda short and thin so idk if they will last as long as longnecks

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Added a product review for S&M ODI Grips Grips 1/23/2012 9:13 PM

S&M Clamp On Grips


The Good: Lock ons so theyre the easiest grips to install. No throttle grip ever and since theyre ODI they feel amazing right out of the package. the horizontal ribs add so much more grip. they break in easily so they feel even better in one sesh

The Bad: the clamps can be hard to install and they dont include the allen key that fits the clamps so if you dont have it youre screwed. Wear out really fast

Overall: These are some of the best grips ive owned yet. I love S&M and ODI so these grips are my favorite for looks aswell. plus they take seconds to install couldnt ask for more. Wish they could have lasted longer though

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