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Hey, I want to change my seat. Do you know what size seat post I should get?

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Good for a beginner


The Good: Frame, fork, cranks, chain durability, integrated headset, and the look/design.

The Bad: Grips, height of bars, stem slipsH, front axle strength, no pegs included, seat, tires, unsealed hubs, pedals, and the sprocket bends easy

Overall: Starting out, This was my first real BMX bike. It's not perfect but it's good for a beginner. You pretty much need to change the grips, pedals, and seat.  The grips rip very easily in only a couple hours of riding. I got super soft odi longnecks and that was the end of the grip issue.  The pedals have no grip at all and I reccomend getting odyssey twisted pc's which have all the grip in the world.  The seat is nothing more than a piece of plastic so that is also a must change part.  Another bad thing is the tires. Their bearable, but like any dirt tires they are thin and lead to flats.  Next, the bars are short!  Only 8" rise with a front load stem.  They should have at least put 8.25" bars and/or a topload stem.  One little trick you can do is flip the stem upsidown which will give you a little more height.  I mainly ride street and park and this bike isn't ideal for that.  I avoid doing smith grinds because of how weak the front axle is.  Mine Is slightly bent after a 4 foot drop.  It's usable for double pegs but I wouldn't do to much more than that.  The rear hub makes up for it.  I grind on the drive side (with no hubgaurd lol) and have bashed the driver plenty of times with no issues.  The only other issues with the hubs is that they are unsealed.  Other than that there are not really any other significant issues on this bike.  I rode brake less ever since I got the bike so I don't have anything to say about them.  The "stickers" that say Cygnus are actually not stickers there painted on an you cannot remove them.  Also the tires wear fairly quick and the rear wears really fast even with no brake.  Also the compression bolt is made of soft alluminum and strips easy so be careful with it! I have pretty much said everything bad about it, everything else is descent!  The price is low which leaves room for modification in the budget.  I got the blue version and the paint looks very nice. It has chrome cranks (which are not apparent in the pictures) and sprocket.  My friend has the black version and that has black cranks and sprocket.  I have seen the orange one and that also has black cranks and sprocket.  The bike is also light.  Mine weighs about 23 - 25lbs which is deffinately on the light side.  The rims stay true even when doing 180s and such.  The geometry is pretty good it feels pretty standard and comfortable. Over all, I would recommend this bike to a beginner or someone on a budget.  Other than that I don't have too much else to say about it.

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Awesome seat


The Good: Design, comfort, and durability of the fabric.

The Bad: The crow that's stitched into the seat can come out if your rough with it.


This is a great seat overall. I've had it for a few months now and the fabric is in like new condition.  It also doesn't rub you're legs like some other seats do.  Another thing I don't like is the hollow bolt.  Some people say that hollow bolts aren't any weaker than solid bolts, but I feel like it might snap after a hard landing on the seat.  Again, over all great seat and I would recommend it.

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Grand Rapids!