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I'm sorry, I'm really into Colony's products and riders, but those how-tos from colony are terrible. hahaha! They're like, "to install the cables just put then in place and go"... what about how to adjust the tension on each side so the gyro works perfectly? What about giving tips about the size of the upper cables acording to the bars' rise?
The same with the stem how to. No tips on bars positioning, or even how to tight the bolts properly! You know, tightening them in an 'X' sequence, so you don't strip any bolts and to get an even pressure on the bars so they don't move. Again, it was "place the stem here, the bars here, tight the bolts and go"...

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Added a comment about video Chris Childs in "Grow Up" 4/19/2017 12:06 AM

one of the best videos parts in a loooong time. Just a few barspins, not a single tailwhip, and he likes to haul ass at everything (it's a BMX bike, not a skateboard! It's meant to go fast! The same old bars-grind-bars-'some trick'-bars-grind combos are pretty annoying).
And just in case Sunday lets him go, he'd be right at home in the bonedeth team haha

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By using odyssey's ghost pads on both counts (clear on black rims / black on chrome rims) I've almost never experienced too much noise. They already come with a 'toe-in' shape, making the front of the pad touch the rim before the middle and the back, ... more »

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I ride a simple, but excellent odyssey springfield with clear ghost pads on a standard Sun Rhynolite XL black rim, and before I was riding the same brake but with black pads on a chrome rim, and in both cases they work awesome! And the lever is also ... more »

Added reply in a thread Most hated part on a bmx 3/16/2017 11:21 PM

I love the possibilities my rear brake brings to my riding but working on it is an absolute pain in the ass. But the most annoying thing ever on a bike is the chain, if it's perfect it's ok, but if one tiny piece 'decides' to stop working properly while ... more »

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Well, first I wasn't implying anything, how could I know if you knew all about freewheels or not?, second, people still ride them, I know, but not for freestyle, and the racing guys ride the newer ones, with sealed bearings and 3 or 4 paws and better ... more »

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I just wondered if I could have a cassette that, when you stop pelading, there would be no friction at all, like a freecoaster. Like this: when you pedal, cassette engagement, no slack. When you stop pedalling, the paws would immediately retract, just ... more »

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Yeah that sounds complicated. By the time I figure it out, the gap or whatever will be right in front of me hahaha

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I wouldn't say the Z coaster combines the two separately, since one of the thing they say is something like 'the Z coaster has the best of both worlds, the responsive engagement of a cassette and the ability to 'freecoast' when going fakie' so it is ... more »

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In the beginning of bmx and for a long time, people rode freewheels, and even the good ones had only 2 paws. So if just one should brake, there was only one left to handle all the pedalling and to avoid crushing your teeth on the handlebar. When cassettes ... more »

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Elite hubs have more paws for safety reasons, so they can withstand the highest pressures when pedaling full speed. That's why racing hubs also have more paws, and that's why they don't use coasters. If racers were to try them, they would explode a hub ... more »

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No, I've only ridden KHE. Thinking about it, maybe the z coaster is the solution. It has large bearings, when pedaling it engages like a cassette, and when not pedaling, it rolls like a coaster. The only problem is its price. But it's Profile, and they ... more »

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I have indeed ridden a coaster and every time it seemed to me that I could go faster on a coaster due to the lack of friction. And I take good care of my coaster -and- my cassette. I mean It's sooo boring but there's no escape from manteinance, so I ... more »

Started new thread F/C as cassette 3/1/2017 4:06 PM

Hey people, can anyone help me with this? One of the reasons why it's possible to notice how freecoasters offer higher speeds than cassettes (IMHO), is that once we stop pedaling, a cassette still has the paws hitting and creating friction (the famous ... more »

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Added a comment to TheLittleRider's bike check 2/27/2017 11:11 AM

a red and green bike against a yellow wall? my eyes hurt!
by the way, ugly as... but regardless of colour, the bike IS rad!

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something that's kinda cool is the sticker bombed bike. no paint, just stickers... and it's also possible to get creative using coloured tape... Sean Burns used ... more »

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I remember this article about how chrome plating kills the environment... and also, didn't they have a stainless colourway? That was awesome

Added a comment about video Matt Beringer's New Backyard Setup 1/28/2017 3:45 PM

somebody hire this man to create the next cool BMX course for some contest and make BMX contests fun and creative again, not some barspin battle...

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Added a comment about video Mike Varga - First 1260 & 900 Tailwhip! 1/17/2017 11:08 PM

Now, that was legit! He is pulling those on ramps that you can easily find at parks and backyards, not those abnormally gigantic ramps those nitro circus dudes ride. If a guy jumps out of a plane and pull a million-tailwhip, that's NOT a record, that's some BS for TV only. This is the real thing!
Besides, I'd say you're ready to try those on skateparks and what not, Mike!
The 1260 and 900 tailwhip are a reality, those quadruple tailwhips from the circus are not...

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Something simple but good looking like this one is awesome, the problem is today some guys are thinking more about the colours of their bikes than actually riding them! Back in the old days (here I go again...) if we had to buy some part because ours ... more »