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Will lifting weights help I can honestly lift dumbells that are 10lbs -30 lbs

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Country I prefer just a nice beat, Rap, Screamo.. I like trap and dubstep

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It is a beast


The Good: Great for beginners

The Bad: No sealed hubs


The bike is a great beginners bike if you are trying to ride, but not riding as much as an experienced rider. This bike come with CK ( Chad Kerley) tires alienation rims and odyssey plastic pedals. This bike does not have sealed hubs so if you want to ride more often get some sealed hubs.,

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Hello, I am a Girl and new to this forum. I used to play World of Warcraft for a year or two but, I then thought it was time to do something involving excersize. Being that i'm on 13 I feel I need to do something fun and something that takes time to ... more ยป

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