It is rational to have secure paper shredding services in Staten Island, when all that you want for your workplace is safety and security of information. To ensure that, it is imperative to let the employees maintain a strict rule of not exposing confidential documents to the wrong people.

No matter how stringent rules are made, following them honestly is not what every employee does.At some point of time, these workers get lazy and violate rules or they are too careless to follow them at the first place. It, in turn hampers the security and confidentiality of a company’s reputation and business. As a result the entire lot of office documents is not destroyed properly.

For availing document destruction services, Staten Island has a broad range of options that you can benefit with. With a huge amount of paper piling up at your work place which you don’t feel safe enough to dispose undestroyed, why don’t you call an industrial shredder in Staten Island? They are efficient firms and know what to do with your garbage; they are specialists in this field. They are capable of educating your staff as how to deal with paper waste without harming your existing business. They also explain the kind of documents that needs to be shredded and the benefits of shredding.

A one-time service or a scheduled regular pickup, it all depends on the size of your business and the kind of documents you want to dump in the bin for getting destroyed.

We have mentioned the major five kinds of garbage that you need to shred using a professional shredder or on your own.

1. Medical records

If you are a healthcare service provider and have plenty of records that are no longer of use then shredding them is the best way to free that extra space at work. Apart from that medical records shredding in Staten Island ensures that vital data of old patients and employees won’t be leaked and in turn pose a threat to identity theft.

2. Banking and account related documents

Financial and account related documents are highly sensitive and if fallen on the wrong hands could drastically alter the business scenario of any company. These files contain crucial data like account details of the company and present or past employees, their loan and other banking details, which is too dangerous to be exposed.  Destruction of such documents would reduce your stress and allow you to focus on other important aspects of the business.

3. Old contracts

Old contracts carry a lot of vital information about you and your clients. Getting those stuffs out of your bag could terribly affect your business. It’s wise to segregate what needs to be stored and what needs to be discarded. Once the segregation is done, it becomes essential to call a document destruction company and ensure them destroying all the files within your premises.

4. Hard discs

Unlike paper documents hard discs are not decomposed naturally with time. They need proper shredding machines to chop them to tiny pieces and get destroyed. Efficient shredding companies have specialized equipment to take care of such waste.

5. Social security records

Social security records carry information about both the parties involved, including their contact information. If someone gets hold of the records then many vital aspects of both the companies get divulged, increasing the chances of a grave mishap. Document shredding services in Staten Island can prevent it by shredding your documents securely.

Protecting your business is of utmost importance and with companies dedicated to serve you at their best; paper shredding services seem like cakewalk.

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