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Yeah no problemo! If everyone had a smooth running bike 24 7 like me bmx would be a lot,better!

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Okay, as a new england resident. I know very well how to work on bikes in the winter. First. Apply chain cleaner/degreaser to the chain. Use a rough brush to clean off all the gunk and keep applying degreaser to the chain. Eventually when the chains ... more »

Started new thread tire wear on snow? 1/27/2015 9:20 AM

so its winter. and i live in western mass and we recently got about a foot of snow and i just got brand new maxxis dths on my park bike, recent years wen it would snow i always would screw around in the snow with my park bike and skid around because ... more »

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I had the freeze topload on my sunday complete and mine got fucked and stripped kuz i nose cased a double lol. So i went to my lbs and had them put notches on the inside of the stem and it worked after that but now i have a green primo stem thats light ... more »

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Or how the maxxis torch tires on my race bike are absolute S*** AT NOT EXPLODING. Haha i love the grip for racing and doing sprints and how fast rolling they are but ive already put a hole through 2 of em. One got a hole in the tread the others sidewall ... more »

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I f****** hate how fast the odi troy lee designs grips wear down ive been through 5 pairs in the last 1 and 1/2 years but i continue to buy them because i love the way they feel. Litterally after a few weeks of riding they get shredded but its worth ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Should i go to the trails? 5/15/2014 9:45 AM

Go over check em out if they're worthy riding then dig till they let you ride or if there's no one. There find a og trail owner and ask if u can ride

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I actualy use the rock n roll cable magic stuff you can get it off amazon for a few bucks its a small 1 oz bottle but it will last you a long time becuz you dont use much but boy is this stuff good! I had a old ass odysey cable that was rusty and shit ... more »

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Dude i have a blackburn multi tool from dicks its really nice it has 5 and 6 allens also an 8 allen a flathead some torx wrenches a phillips head and chainbreaker and the whole things as thin as a cm and as big as maybe like 6 quarters

Added reply in a thread Does this look sealed, cause I think it is either semi or un. 3/26/2014 9:56 AM

Nah dude trust me its sealed if it was un the drive side hardware wouldnt be that big just get it if u just want a sealed wheel or ask to see it

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Nice tutorial! and just a tip if your bearings are REALY dirty inside you can take some type of degreaser, finish line speed clean, gasoline, etc before you grease em up so there extra smooth dont do it to much to bb bearings cuz those dont get that ... more »

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Arron ross

Started new thread Tire question 3/7/2014 6:28 AM

so i had a dumb question bout tires i know most people run a beefier treaded tire in the front and a slicker in the back but i see some racers with a tioga powerblock in the back and a powerband in the front witch doesnt make sense to me like wouldnt ... more »

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yeah its fine if u have different links as long as their all 1/8th chains your good some people do that to get their wheel in the right spot on their dropouts like em i have done this to make my back end longer and ive had the same chain for a year or ... more »

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like 10 tries

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Wat part of mass u in

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Full circle bike shop in florence,mass best bike shop around im sure he can satisfy any of your bike needs

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And by too much pressure do you mean having the axle bolts too tight on the fork causing it to bend. A little and give less room to the bearings

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Yeah haha ik i fucked it up myself thats why im not just goin to ask for a new one im gona just try and get a deal on bearings and a spindle but he said that i could get one for free because was their fault in the beggining because 150 dollar hubs shouldnt ... more »