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rode both and honestly the grandstands feel a lot better than the safaris. i was even skeptical about coming down from the safaris 15 pins with knurling to the grandstands 9 pins but somehow odyssey made it work. and about your feel question i rode my ... more »

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headtube looks cool and kinda reminds me of the haro ones

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when i was that size a 20.5 8.69 bars with a topload and 175mm cranks felt great and is big enough to move around till this day (5'9 now) although im probably going to a 21 inch to change it up

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the freemix is a great hub never had problems with mine i just switched up to a clutch cause i felt like it dont have any experience with the cinema hub though

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i think i can answer this Q for him, but no i slammed my wheel fully and at a time had the crank wobbling on the spindle and still had problems flipping cranks, you can lube it all you want but itll feel "crunchy" and not good in my experience, just ... more »

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id say the primo freemix simply because it gives you a lot of slack stock (1/4) and thats the only hub ive tried besides the clutch that gives a little less

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x2 on the odyssey dugan tires or even fit t/a's if you want something a bit softer. even try the donnasqueaks if you wanted something with tread and works all around.

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my chain is pretty spot on and i think its had more than enough of a break in period (got it last month) and @hardbmx_TIM im having the same issue with crankflips so i think im just gonna go back to a KMC, thanks for the replies though guys

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was your chain "popping" after every crank when you were unable to do crankflips? i think im going through the same thing right now and ive been trying to diagnose the issue

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hahaha dude its just kinda frustrating a dude is accusing me of my riding style and my bike maintnence all while not even using the product hes defending lol

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first off im talking about the HOLLOW key chain as ive seen soo many dudes mess up the full pinned one thats its not even worth it so yes you could get some pedals for the 7 bucks extra that you can scrap up pretty easily. secondly there are not "so ... more »

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yes they do man or at least on mine killed a brand new primo driver in 3 months cant even say it was user error cause i take all my stuff thats on the drivestrain to my lbs to get installed. id honestly just say to get a 30 dollar kmc and buy some grandstand ... more »

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they look and feel the same but the only thing bad is that they chew up sprockets and drivers

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off topic question but can you guys get ahold of the matte grey or trans black fly fuego in 21 inch? thinking about ordering one in a couple months but none of my lbs' sell them

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honestly the keychain is just another chain to me ive snapped one in 3 months, i dont grind nor do anything crazy, but unlike shadow (i broke the interlock v2 in a month) odyssey warrantied my old chain free of charge so i respect them for that. I'd ... more »

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messed up primo freemix for sale the thing is mint structurally cause i dont grind and ill even include another clutch/driver with. now the problem is the things slack resets itself sometimes a whole crank. shoot out some offers i dont really know what ... more »

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Hey man nice bike and if you were thinking about getting the hazes id reccommend getting it for the front only especially if you do full cabs and such cause the little gaps in tread become pretty massive when riding causing you to slip out but honestly ... more »

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The odyssey *grandstands are great they dont spin at all grippier than my old safaris and just a wider pedal that feels a lot comfier

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dugans or donnasqueaks