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Yes its one of those posts. Looking for a trails orientated frame but for street use, frames with specs like the Credence M.O.D. Tall stand over with a long back end? What frames do people suggest that are tried and true to take a beating?

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RESULTS *In simple form* Most people ride street. Prefer a 9'' stand over. Chain stays between 13.25 and 13.5. 20.75 TT (but height of rider plays a factor) 75 HT and 71 ST The preferred finish of a frame is evenly split with chrome getting the least ... more »

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This is independent research into how riders like their frames. This will be 2 minutes and is 10 questions.

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Go for the fork that has the offset/rake that you prefer, a shorter offset is supposedly better for nose manuals and other front end tricks. larger offset forks can feel more stable at speed.

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Influenced by Bone Deth

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Added a product review for Fit F.A.F. Tire 1/24/2014 2:10 AM

Nightvision really works!!!


The Good: 2.3 Nightvision does exactly what the ad suggests and they slide when you want, grip when you want. I much prefer them to my Maxxis Grifter.

The Bad: The price!!! $65 Each in Australia!!!


If they were just 15 dollars cheaper I'm sure they would be much more popular.

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Added a product review for Colony Anyway Plastic Pegs 1/24/2014 2:07 AM

Great value


The Good: In Australia they are $25 each and well worth it, the replacement sleeves are only $10

The Bad: You do need to buy a lot of sleeves unless you want to be running bare Aluminium pegs.


Not as good as nylon pegs but having the replaceable sleeve helps a lot.

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Added a product review for United Squad V2 Fork 1/24/2014 2:00 AM

Great but one problem


The Good: Cheap and made of thick metal, haven't bent them yet.

The Bad: They come in matte black not gloss but the biggest problems is the dropouts, they're welded on like shit and while the forks are going strong, my dropouts are bent like crazy.


Not really the best street forks but I have not ridden much else.

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Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Corvus Bottom Bracket 10/18/2013 1:08 AM

Bottom brackets are the same.


The Good: It looks clean with the Shadow cranks, same price as every other BB.

The Bad: It's just like any other BB. But by shadow!


I would not fuss over a BB but this is certainly one of the best I've had.

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Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Noctis Cranks 10/18/2013 1:04 AM

Best cranks ever!


The Good: 22mm spindle and solid aluminium is the way to go! Much better than the Primo power bites or hollow bites with the 16 spline spindle. Super cheap compared to chromoly cranks.

The Bad: People sometimes have problems getting pedals stuck, Shadow tells you to grease the pedals bosses. Doing so doesn't cease the pedals.


There are no better cranks and if you're on a budget, they're even better!

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Worth the money


The Good: Strong, heavy duty and cheap.

The Bad: It's so thick that the chain doesn't sit right on a small driver. sometimes will crunch.


For the money, and the strength, its one of the best chains.

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As a rider focused on style, Ryan without a doubt has the most unique!
But as for overall performance, drew and scotty have this in the bag.
The top 5 goes in order of style i feel and if you flipped the top 5 around it would go in order of tricks.

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not going to use again


The Good: the bearings and the spacer and really good, extremely easy to install and hardy!

The Bad: the cone spacers have got to be the worst ever, especially with the white ones (like me) with the small holes they are so bloody hard to clean. and look stupid in white.


if you use other spacers with this then it could be the best in the world. only the cone spacers are bad.

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Why bother


The Good: its not a bad price, and compared to the United build kit its certainly about 50 cheaper.

The Bad: generally its just not up to the quality the price promises. for 400 you'd be expecting a decent mid ranged kit? Nope. heavy, weak and doesn't feel trust worthy.


If compared to the United build kit, its much much worse. and the united kit inst even the best it could be. if you have to buy a kit, dotn get this one.

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The Good: compared to the last Stolen sinner, 2012 this bike is much better, feels stronger under your feet and much lighter. for the price you get your money's worth and suprizingly loud hubs.

The Bad: As always, being a stolen, the tires are horrible, low psi and too slugish feeling. The forks and bars bend very easy and only takes about 5 months.


If anyone asks me about what starter bmx's to get, this would be one i wouldrecommend. .

*i do not own this bike but i have used one profusely and most of this is written by my friends who owns the bike.

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Added a product review for Cult VANS Grips 3/20/2013 1:57 AM

OK ill never use them again


The Good: great, large thick grips that don't strech

The Bad: get the slightest bit of liquid on them and you're not wearing gloves and they are so fucking slippery


not bad, averageprice for grips great length but slippery for me :/

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Added a product review for Colony Dagger Fork 1/20/2013 7:46 PM

great general use fork


The Good: they are just awesome general forks. the of set isn't to long so they respond fast.

The Bad: they are a bit pricey, 180 for chrome.


the best fork i have ever run.

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Amazing Rims


The Good: the weigh nothing and have huge sidewalls. the tire never is coming off

The Bad: the huge sidewalls make it a bit hard to change tires, on and off.


i wont ever need other rims!

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at the start?

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The Good: Its a very light frame but feels solid under your feet, plus i have the purple one and its sexy

The Bad: Its very hard to find reviews on it, i hear it popular but i have never seen one or heard about them here in Australia its light because it has thin metal and it dents very easy.


I haven'texperienced the bad side yet and i am a bit of a harry main fan boy but this frame is the best i have ridden so far! ( out of 3 )

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