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hey bro ? wat wer u doin to bend da bak end?

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The Good: They're super comfortable. soft. and last forever.

The Bad: A little too short.

Overall: 5 stars love them. cant wait to put my hands on them every day.

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Good frame


The Good: Spins good. I love the Geometry and i ride the 20.75. It feels super solid

The Bad: Everything from the seat tube back bent to the right, which im really bummed about because i love the frame.

Overall: Everything's great except the back end should be stronger.

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Never getting rid of mine.


The Good: Feels great. I've had no problems with it moving on my steerer tube or my bars slipping. It feels solid like I'm never going to break it

The Bad: Some people might say it weighs too much, but the weight of a stem doesn't make a difference.

Overall: Fantastic and i would ride it if i were you.

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