​So yeah, here I am behind the computer keyboard again. And what should I talk about, other than BMXes?

I am sure that I am the only person on the forum from this side of the globe... Nah, not too sure... Let's say from this country then.

Over here, things are going smooth. School is coming to an end, there are no more tests cropping up on the horizon, and the storm clouds of homework are finally drifting away. And what is coming our way? The Holidays... Ahhh, relief... Sweet relief...

However, it is all not very smooth sailing. Hell, there is just NO ONE to ride with! I guess that's why I came on here: am getting a bit lonely. Awwwww that's so cute. Damn I sound like a girl.

Let's explain.

A few years ago, there was this guy who had a bike shop. A small idea popped into his head. "Hey Im going to import BMX bikes and try to sell them!" Fast forward a few months, those bmxes were selling out faster than the guy could get them in. Such was the success that BMXes popped up everywhere, and the guy had to make a new building JUST for BMXes.

A year from now, I started noticing people riding less and less. From my previous ride group in the school (like, 10 people), only 3 remained. Then 2. Then myself, out there.

RIding by yourself is not too fun, and you don't push yourself as much. ANd not having friends around does not help at all when you are trying to make a jump line...

Will people come back to BMXes? That's a question with an unknown answer...

And that's the end of this short text, hope you enjoyed reading.

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