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Reply to Lets talk politics! 9/24/2016 10:26 PM

Best candidate in my opinion. If neither Hillary or Trump get the majority (270 electoral college votes) The vote gets thrown into the house. In the house, we have a majority of highly educated individuals who now those ... more »

Reply to Game of B.I.K.E 9/24/2016 10:07 PM

Yeah, I sent you a friend request from that link. My name is Bryce Bender! I'll upload my attempt at that trick, and then a video of the new trick set

Reply to Game of B.I.K.E 9/24/2016 4:19 PM

Nice! Now you set the trick. As soon as the other players check in they'll catch up.

Reply to Please help me ID this frame, it's real distinct, yet nobody can ID it!! 9/24/2016 6:45 AM

Is that a Euro style BB? If so, I was thinking potentially like a giant complete frame. Is it really heavy?

Reply to Game of B.I.K.E 9/23/2016 10:18 PM

Okay - I'll call the first trick set/line. Opposite 180 - half cab, then regular 180 - half cab. I filmed the video in my garage today while it was raining. I'm a bit retarded with vital, but you can see the video on my profile. Watch it, then do it ... more »

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Reply to Game of B.I.K.E 9/22/2016 8:40 PM

Okay! So it looks like the 'players' in this game are shortdude, adamnmexican, danielbikes, and myself. RULES: Trick must be done just on flat ground (to make it easy for us to duplicate). Upload a short video clip of it being done to this thread withing ... more »

Reply to Help! Identify these Cranks 9/20/2016 5:38 AM

Looks like they are stock. If they are after market, they are so old the technology on them makes near worthless now.

Reply to Kimi Grande 2016 edit 9/18/2016 9:13 PM

Dope! Good edit. Like seeing good stuff coming out of the Philippines!

Reply to Rexburg riders / Idaho riders 9/18/2016 8:33 PM

I'd be down to meet up and shred it sometime! Personal message me if you see this.

Reply to Jumping a spine? 9/18/2016 8:29 PM

Carve at it, turning your bike sideways in the air, basically parallel with the spine. I wouldn't suggest jumping it straight... thats just always sketchy. if you can air a quarter, then you shouldn't have any problem. Oh, and right when your front wheel ... more »

New thread Game of B.I.K.E 9/18/2016 8:11 PM

I am aware that there is an "official thread" for this. I am also aware that it hasn't been used since 2012. So, I want to play a flat ground game of B.I.K.E with anyone who is willing. I just started riding again after being out for almost three years. ... more »

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Reply to New free coaster,! 9/18/2016 10:13 AM

Ride a cassette! Problem solved.

Reply to Tire width and Responsiveness...??? 9/18/2016 9:28 AM

I've ridden the same tire set up for years now. I'm on my fourth set of Demolition momentums, 2.3 rear and 2.2 back. IMO a really fat tire in the back is pointless, it just makes it hard to fit into your frame. Fat in the front really helps absorb impact ... more »

Reply to REally AWESOME idea!! 9/20/2013 5:14 PM

My gosh Im fed up with this guy. BAN HIM, or me and I am sure a lot of other veteran Vital forum users are going to leave for good.

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Learn how to do a 180 before you knock up an 8th grade. If you just took off your training wheels, dont start doing the sock hop.

Reply to MOTF: 9/15/13 - 9/28/13 w/ feeble_to_face 9/16/2013 7:49 PM

Tacos or Burritos? Pegs or legs? Dirtbikes or quads? xbox or ps3? Stevie Churchill or Chad Kerley? Gatorade or Powerade? Fat girls or Stinky girls?

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Not much of an NFL guy, more into college ball. Go cougars!

Reply to I missed you guys 9/16/2013 7:42 PM

awkward... --->thread death

Reply to :( people at my local skate park are assholes!! 9/16/2013 7:40 PM

This has to be one of the most extreme trolls vitals has ever scene. well done good sir.