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Bump jump

Started new thread Animal akimbos (new) £100 11/11/2014 9:09 AM

Cranks have been installed once and then removed ( never used or ridden ) so they are in mint / new condition. 175mm Cranks (black) will come in all original packaging with crank tool / grease ect, I'm looking for £100 posted ( no offers or trades ) ... more »

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Seriously if you willing to drop a little more dollar get a used custom. $250/300 will buy you something proper, you'll thank me in the long run.

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^This^...Ride everything! You get out of bmx what you put into it, none of the styles are any easier to learn than any others, all styles have basic > intermediate > advanced stuff to learn! the basics of dirt & park are just as easy to learn ... more »

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10mm female in the front 14mm male in the back Nuff said.

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Yeah its normal, I felt a burning sensation for about 3weeks, numbness for about 6wks, @ around weeks 8 things start to feel better, you'll still be weak but a lot more functional at least. .

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Best clip...that tasty bitch @ 1:39 haha Was Good tho, real everyday street shit, can't beat it...amen bro.

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Yo bitch! Been injured for last 2 months so I started watching it a few weeks back, I ended up watching the whole thing in 4 days straight, its fucking mint, best tv series I've seen in a long time.

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Get yaself a Balisong

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Only thing worse than a park edit is a park training video being passed off as a park edit. EITHER WAY PARKS GAY!...HAHA JK...kinda!

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5.8 over here, I went from a 20.5 to 20.75 about 2 years ago and wouldn't go back, 20.75 feels right for my height.

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I always add a teaspoon of oil in the wax I make. You can also use a brick rub to smooth out any rough concrete, one of these...

After you've used the brick rub you can use a spray on lacquer also. Here's a video of the daily grind guys showing ... more »

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Method man - got to have it

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Damn that looks nasty bro. I broke my hand about 6wks ago, fucking sucks man, codeine & booze have helped tho. Haha. Get well soon, take it easy.

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Getting the blind soon, so when you say bi weekly you mean every 2 weeks or twice a week? Twice a week seems excessive.

Added reply in a thread what forks should i get? 9/28/2014 9:48 AM

If you can wait until October the éclat Stevie Churchill forks look pretty good, they come in 32mm and 26mm Nothing wrong with any of the ones mentioned above either.

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Gotta tuck your knees bro! How I always explain this tho is like this... Wherever you are right now stand up and with your follow foot kick yourself in the ass. now do that same motion when your on ya bike at just before the 180 point in the rotation ... more »

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Snapped (metacarpals) about 5wks ago...heard them snap as it happened. It wasn't fun, it still ain't. lol

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Lolz reminded me of this... http://youtu.be/mo2_Qg_OUeg