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20.75 - 21 will be fine. I'm 6'2 and ride a 20.75 with a longer reach stem. there's so many factors you have to look at everything really lol. Kink whip sounds alright, kink has always been big in the completes. Fly proton, Subrosa Malum, or a 3rd tier ... more »

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maybe rough it up with some sandpaper. ride it like a boss till' your bars fly forward and your teeth are gone

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Dude those tires are shit in the toilet dog no one in the US should buy them. Grifters are insane. Super light and grippiest tire I've ever owned, especially on wood ramps. I used to ride a dusty wood part quite often and I could barely slide it out ... more »

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This is what I'm currently looking at I live about 16 miles from where my second job is and drive every morning but like I'm almost considering making it a bike commute ... more »

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I sold my daily driver to help with some things that came up and just have my old beater car.. which I love driving and hate driving. But I noticed I've been riding my bmx bike to get around town more than anything, and I like the exercise. I wanna get ... more »

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I mean it all depends what you practice/how you ride. Back when I first started I was like the last one in my group to learn fakies and 180s, but I could air twice as high. Depends what you prioritize on

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yoyo still got it

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70 for the rims?

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what about when you need to replace the bb and realize there are no more??

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Find a kid on classifieds with a premium guttershark and snatch it for 100 bucks. i was just about to buy a used custom with one for 150, just cause it was 150

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i would tape it for the mean time like hella tape. don't buy cheap meaningless stuff for your bike, just buy whacha need. when your back wheel starts skipping you'll want every bit of that money back lol. some parts cost a pretty penny. i mean when your ... more »

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Your tires look skinny lol. The seattube's so big it almost looks like a 24". I dig it though, very aesthetically pleasing hahah.. can't tell if it's the bike or the pictures

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I like goin fast and I've always ALWAYS rode 11.8" BB, High seattube, 21" TT, and 13.5-14.25" Rear end HOWEVER, for a short time in 2012 I had an S&M BTM 20.75. It'd had a low as shit BB which I instantly noticed, and the back was much shorter. I ... more »

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Jack shit Bikes aren't worth selling, you may as well hold onto it forever. The used bmx market is ridiculously lacking

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The colony has better wheels and 48 spline cranks so would definitely opt for that. You won't be doing any frame-breaking tricks for a while. Hell I've never broken a frame to this day

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Your back wheel is about to take a shit son. Sad to hear. Check your bottom bracket as well. Driving a bike with shitty bearings is the most irritating thing. My BB is shot atm and I can't even ride it it's too annoying the popping and cracking sounds ... more »

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I have some FAF 2.4 tan walls and they're ridiculously fast and very confidence inspiring going that fast aha, I suggest them heavily. I got a pair of folding ones for like 30 bucks on a sale.. which different color wall variations go on a lot

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Ride a nice pair of 48 splines and then a pair of 8 splines and you'll instantly be like damn

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nike sb or old 6.0s 6.0's you can get for dirt cheap

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I have a buddy with a lightly modded AVEO and he has a riot on twisty roads and has no problems. Weird you had such an experience. I'd definitely get a focus over anything though aha, super nice with awesome steering. Damn near any car gets knocked around

... more »