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make sure you get that lifetime warranty and no cheap shit haha

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I have a 10 year homie i met through bikes we used to ride every single day and shred street, all the local bikers were like half hick dickhead park rats, whenever you wanted to go down and hit the lines you had to be well aware you were in foreign territory ... more »

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21 fo sho

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Those cranks feel so booty lol I had some and upgraded to profiles the difference is nuts

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I've had profile GHD's since 2011.. I suggest profiles

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dont do it my buddy got a nice used custom for 300 this is a poopy stock complete for 200

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My friend from High School just committed suicide and man after seeing everyone so torn up about it if he saw that he'd never of done it doing that effects so many people around you it's nuts. Most 16 year olds contemplate suicide I think, you're going ... more »

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full chromoly frame double wall rims sealed hubs integrated headset chromoly bars/forks buy a bike with that stuff

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This if it's too damn big don't do it if you can do it and you know it yolo it once then you can keep doing it confidently, once you learn to bail properly it'll be way better

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Those tires suck but idk what all options you have. Fit and Odyssey = Best tires

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Like you said, they all suck. But that's a good option. You could even replace a couple simple fit parts (stem, bars, pedals, etc) and get maybe a used frame then some forks for it etc eventually transfer it all into a whole new bike. That way you could ... more »

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BSD Backstreet Or Primo

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20.75 - 21 will be fine. I'm 6'2 and ride a 20.75 with a longer reach stem. there's so many factors you have to look at everything really lol. Kink whip sounds alright, kink has always been big in the completes. Fly proton, Subrosa Malum, or a 3rd tier ... more »

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maybe rough it up with some sandpaper. ride it like a boss till' your bars fly forward and your teeth are gone

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Dude those tires are shit in the toilet dog no one in the US should buy them. Grifters are insane. Super light and grippiest tire I've ever owned, especially on wood ramps. I used to ride a dusty wood part quite often and I could barely slide it out ... more »

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This is what I'm currently looking at I live about 16 miles from where my second job is and drive every morning but like I'm almost considering making it a bike commute ... more »

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I sold my daily driver to help with some things that came up and just have my old beater car.. which I love driving and hate driving. But I noticed I've been riding my bmx bike to get around town more than anything, and I like the exercise. I wanna get ... more »

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I mean it all depends what you practice/how you ride. Back when I first started I was like the last one in my group to learn fakies and 180s, but I could air twice as high. Depends what you prioritize on