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I have these if interested, Odyssey 7KA , in chrome,17/Odyssey-7ka-rims-Chrome,1310242

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Lowered price 100 shipped!

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I have a brand new profile totem , 36h, lsd, 9t driver, black, female axle. Was laced by Empire and I never used it. 165 shipped .

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If interested, I have an S4 Aitken for half this price.

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What was the defect?

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I had a shadow hub that wobbled. I put a thin plastic shopping bag over the hub before pushing the bearings in. Could try that , worked for me

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Post a pic and I could probably help. Been some time since Ive dealt with the stem. In all, I would just get a traditional bolt stem. I rode the Hawk version of it, horrible. Stem slips constantly on the steerer tube. NO idea how it passed through Odyssey, ... more »

Started new thread Odyssey 7ka rims, Chrome 10/17/2016 2:20 PM

100 shipped 36h Rims are in amazing condition, no flaking, no flatspots, ..nothing. Fairly new, with little use. 100 shipped!

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Let me see them and price please

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youve had the hub for how long??

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Figured is was reshelled khe style hub.. I wonder if Tree has anything in the works, have seen much of any updates in awhile. I know they had a prototype coaster in testing but that was shown many many months to a year ago and with their regular stock ... more »

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Funny how this 2013 thread is bumped and its now on the main page saying briphcook is close to completing prototypes of his revolving pegs.. Ugh, No!! Cheers to Karl Poynter !!

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I was really hoping to see Eclat producing these new internals for the Blind hub that were posted on The Merge from the last Interbike. Shane is still supposedly going strong on his hub but when it comes to everyone else, there is no new development. ... more »

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What side drive/color?

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Should be specific in what you're looking for

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Yry it without them stem on and see if it goes in. My volume anchor fork does this, no stem screws in easily, stem on seem to give some trouble.

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Your sprocket is not going hit unless your doing something reckless. And if so, goodluck trying. While anything is possible, youre overthinking it.

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No idea what the hub issues were but Ive rode them, heavy peg use...SOLID! Laced a front street hub up for a friend in March, hub is still running like new. I even have a friend who's beens on the front/backstreet hubs for like 3/4 years with no issues ... more »

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Danscomp pulls this crap. I had orders where parts come defective straight from the box, never used.. and when calling them about it, they refuse the return and tell ya to contact the company about warranty/replacement.

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Add the Fiend Reynolds v1 and v2 frames, Colins to.. they sell out faster than most I've seen