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Hey all! I'm still here...moms been in the ICU so I've been living\sleeping at the hospital..I still use that email, WiFi here sucks so getting online is difficult

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If asking how to run a spline drive sprocket, its probably not in your best interest to get one seeing as it can be more complicated to install

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Tree forks have massive clearance, could easily fit a 2.6/2.7 and bigger tire if it was ever made.

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Buy it off eBay, have then sender mail it to me, I'll get the shipping price and you send me that on PayPal and I'll reship it to you. I have tons of sales on here and have shipped multiple times outside the country . Filling forms is nothing new to ... more »

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Tree Forks cons - NONE! I have them! Haven't seen the widemouths in person but I'm sure tree won the game in tire clearance. Both are good brands,it really comes down to you favorite brand and what's the specs are.

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I have one, brand new too.

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I have these

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Who was the seller

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What's your contact number?

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Do I still get my free decals? :p

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Contact Chrome masters.com. I've had them do my frame, bars, stems and sprocket... AMAZING WORK! They say you can't chrome aluminum well, chrome masters can. Everything I sent in was original black painted , they'll do all the work and better then anyone. ... more »

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Don't think the identity of that frame should be your main concern, might wanna shorten that chain and adjust your back wheel.

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This is why the frame price was marked down during the holidays. Brainwashing/marketing techniques to get more people involved without knowing . Watch yo self!

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I feel as if Nigel knows he's not liked and all this talk in the vid is for sympathy and to sound good rather then what is really true. He mentioned his mother having cancer . couldnt work and thats when he really had to grow up...etc I though he was ... more »

A08 left a comment 1/14/2015 9:15 PM
6263475517, send some pics of the measurements so I can see
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Ribcages HEIGHT - 1 1/8 Length- 7 1/8 space between letters- 5/8ths om birdcages Height 1 1/8 Spacing- 5/8ths of as a inch Length- 7 1/2 Did this quickly , send me your number and I'll get you exact in millimeters

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Black shadow ravager, I'll get pics

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I have those ti bolts, made by Bluesix

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I have like new white profile cranks , interested? 175 rsd

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How's 40 shipped if payment sent as a gift to avoid pp fees?