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Plenty of frames have this, its what metal does since there isnt any type of coating. Remember the raw Cult frames from years ago? They came straight out of the box with that because it didnt have clearcoat/paint.

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You can also grind without any issues on your setup now. I run 4 pegs, lsd, left foot forward and Ive never had a problem with my sprocket side My switch and regular are equal

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switch the spindles in the pedals and all will be fine.

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I use both. To comments above about speed, ive hit waxed ledges riding insanely fast and even with plastic, theyre not always super slippery. Ive done the same with metal on the same ledges and had much better results. In the end, guess its what you ... more »

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I went from 14oz like profile cassettes to a zcoaster and a clutch, weight difference was like nothing. At first you may notice something being off but it becomes normal. I have a lot of fun with coasters, Fakie hops, going fast down big sets or over ... more »

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Check out some FIT frames, may get lucky and find a MARV, theres also the wifi.

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my best advice that I do /tell anyone when building my wheels or others, contact Empire and ask them. Building wheels with incorrect spokes lengths suck.

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Flip your stem upside down and try it out. Front load stems have a common rise around 7mm, flipping it will lift ya up doubling that or more so it'll act as a topload. Could probably get like a half inch higher bar height for now without making a random ... more »

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The Eclat may be better depending your situation , its definitely, bigger, thicker and much better compared to the Gsport. I have both

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If its new could just be breaking in ..

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You should be fine if yours wheels are kept fairly true, if anything, just dropped your psi a little. Ive ran tire with less clearance than that without any issue and for anything that would rub, lower the psi.

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All good, I went from a 21.25tt with a 50mm stem to a 21tt and ran 53mm stem.. seemed almost comparable. Used to run larger frames but the small makes tech tricks easier to handle

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Should ya ever consider a 20.75, I have this

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Youll be fine. Ive rode 4 pegs with the aluminum axles and never had a problem. As for the Ti driver, thats all on you. From what Im told most dont even feel a weight difference since its comparable to the chromo version.....Also have read many times ... more »

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Perhaps just get a guard sprocket other than that, ya shouldnt have any problems. I grind both sides equally and have never had issues with what side drive it was on

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Get it, I have the V2 which is basically the same.. Solid frame

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You can forget it with that hub. Everyone who has used the Cortex has complained about it with crankflip issues.There is nothing you can do. That hub will not break in, not loosen...etc. Eclat has also moved on to the Cortex V2 which was said to fix ... more »

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I have collars, perfect condition . Hit me up if still needed

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messaged ya

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I have these if interested, Odyssey 7KA , in chrome,17/Odyssey-7ka-rims-Chrome,1310242