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Rite.se. If they don´t have it, order one.

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Du kan köpa delar ifrån childstore.se, rite.se eller CRC. http://www.rite.se/ http://www.childstore.se/ http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/se/en Välkommen till Sverige.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UzpAIvVlyk Nice mix

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Ram- Eastern grim reaper TI vikt ca 900g Sadel-Snafu solo seat/post 150g Drev- A Bad Thing - Crown Sprocket 23t 30g Styre-Eastern TI 7,6' 397g Stem-KHE Minimalism=210g Gaffel-Fit shiv 680g Pedaler-Superstar ULTRA MAG TI axel 260g Vevar-Eastern Bikes ... more »

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Integrated Head tube for standard berings.

(its called integrated because the standard cups is integrated in the frame Internal cups for the same berings (intrenal headset) The frame need to be 1,5" headtube not standard 1-1/8” A ... more »

Added a new video Yes I did burn my DC 2/26/2013 6:43 AM

Five-Ten for life

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Five-Ten for life I burn my DC shoes to show that DC's choice to dump bmx program is not ok. They should have fought for them sponsored persons if they really care about the sport.

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Airbrush paint, no rust on my bike. ... more »

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Ukbikeco revolution 3,3 lb

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I paint all my frames.

Be creative! Use a paint brush, pen, spraypaint, ... more »

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Custom by Solid bikes (based on Trail blazer) by Fortytwobmx http://www.swebikers.se/forum/thread.php?t=74740&p=1 can't get the pics to work so here is the link.

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one of my bikes Its a trial bike on a Dartmoor 26player

... more »

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Hitman Ruby, Bombproof

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Don't like the paint? it's raw, just how I like it.

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Yes I ride chainless, don't like khe freecoasters.... I love the frame!

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Some old photos but new is comming. No mainstream here. Frame-Hitman Sir han 21tt Fork-Primo strand Bars-Eastern 9' Stem-TSC Attack Seat- new carbonfiber prototype ... more »

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