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Stolen Zeke


The Good: Full chromo frame, forks, handlebars. Easy to ride, high bottom bracket so easy to hop and jump. Tires and rims are smooth. Looks pretty cool, get a lot of compliments on it.

The Bad: Handlebars too small, the 1 piece seat and post sucks, uncomfortable and too low for a cruiser. The brakes aren't too good either.


This is my first 26" BMX, and really my first BMX in 20+ years, but I really like it. I like the looks of the bike and that it's 100% chromoly.  I am 6'3" and 240 lbs. and after changing the seat post and seat to a Shadow Conspiracy 320mm and Stolen Kushion it's a lot more fun to ride.  Pretty long top tube makes it comfortable, but not too big to jump and hop up steps.

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Just getting back into BMX after 25 years and picked up this Stolen Zeke. I changed the seat post and stem and will be getting new handlebars soon. I'm thinking 8" or 8.5" instead of these 6.75".

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Other than the chain breaking, how do you like the Zeke?

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Other than the chain breaking, how do you like the Stolen Zeke?

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I've been looking and think I want a 26". When I raced as a kid the cruiser class was 26" and that's what my dad rode. He's been gone for 17 years so I think it would be a cool nod to him to rock a 26". I'm deciding between a Volume Hessian and a Stolen ... more »

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40 here, it's been 20+ years since I rode a BMX but am itching to get back into it. What size bikes have y'all that are just getting back into it riding? I'm now 6'4" and 240 and can't imagine riding a 20". I'm looking at 26" bikes now. Anybody have ... more »