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Added reply in a thread Whats your biggest fear in BMX ? 1/3/2013 1:11 PM

Landing on my palms...i hate bruised/scraped palms..

Started new thread hub guards compatible with Cinema wheels? 1/3/2013 1:04 PM

I'm looking to buy a nice set of bolt on, aluminum hub guards with plastic sleeves. I'm running a cinema VX complete in the rear and complete cinema 777 wheel up front. anyone know what hub guards will work? I'm tired of breaking spokes.

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Added reply in a thread anyone listen to/heard of Mastodon? 1/25/2012 9:12 AM

this is truths, and random question, wtf is that picture in your signature? lol, it's pretty amazing

Added reply in a thread anyone listen to/heard of Mastodon? 1/14/2012 9:17 PM

Crustal skull is the best, really show brints mad guitar skills in the solo

Started new thread anyone listen to/heard of Mastodon? 1/12/2012 12:42 PM

been listening to them for a few years now, i have all there albums and i just recently got the new one, "The Hunter", and it's fucking amazingsauce

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Added reply in a thread nothin but metal! 1/6/2012 12:54 PM

i listen to: corrosion of conformity soundgarden pantera symphony x static x disturbed children of bodom whitechapel i killed the prom queen these words remain. i think thats the majority on my ... more »

Added reply in a thread Grippiest plastic pedals 1/5/2012 11:59 AM

eclat plaza pc pedals are amazingly grippy, they have like, 18 pins per side, plus all over knurling, i just got a pair a few days ago, and with those and shoes with gum soles, i get absolutely no slipping, only bad thing is if you are going to loop ... more »

Added reply in a thread anyone in south tampa (FL)? 1/5/2012 10:11 AM

i do go to spot on occasion, i'm not much of a park rider though, but i am interested in seeing the new course, it looks bretty badass, i'm mainly looking for some guys to ride with just around the neghborhood though, i've met a few people at spot though, ... more »

Added reply in a thread Pro Q&A Rules 1/4/2012 6:57 PM

we need nigel....i want to ask him if he's ever even seen a dirt jump XD i forgot to ask him when he was in florida at j&r for the signature seat signing....i talked to him...and forgot to troll >.

Updated bike check Travis the fat's Kink 1/4/2012 6:48 PM
Started new thread anyone in south tampa (FL)? 1/4/2012 6:43 PM

i've been riding for about a year and only know two or three other guys that ride....my brother and my neighbor, lol, i'm a beginner/intermediate rider and i'd love to find some other riders in tampa just to bomb around with at local spots, whether you're ... more »

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Added reply in a thread any riders in polkcounty?orlando/tampa area? 1/4/2012 6:33 PM

i know of a trail spot in wesley chapel, it's right at the corner of chancey road and morrid brige road in the woods across from the school (chester taylor, i think), havn't been there in a while, i'm in tampa now, but i used to live up the road from ... more »

Added reply in a thread need help fir bmx 1/4/2012 8:44 AM

i bit of a wide topic....i would say a custom built one is best, but that'll set you back around $1000, so yeah, i would just do research and learn more if i were you, then maybe look on craigslist for used bikes, you can get some good deals on there ... more »

Added reply in a thread Any Lakeland Riders? 1/4/2012 8:41 AM

i used to live in wesley chapel, it's nearish lakeland, i'm in tampa now, but i'm still up in chapel every now and again, i know of a few street spots and some pretty sweet trails

Added reply in a thread Weird twang from my front wheel!? 12/27/2011 3:20 PM

it's definately loose spokes, just tighten em up wit a spoke wrench, screwdriver, cahnnel locks, whatever...spoke wrench is best though, and you might have a loose hub if that doesn't fix it, pretty unlikely though

Added reply in a thread The Loudest stock rear cassette bmx wheel or bmx hub as of Now 2012 12/27/2011 3:16 PM

i know the profile elite is loud as all hell...idk if thet make one for street though, plus it's a tad pricey, the premium one it the same concept as the profile elite, but it's a 3 pawl instead of 6 pawl, i have heard the the eclat tech is loud too, ... more »

Added a comment about photo My Bicycle 12/27/2011 3:08 PM

i really liked that frame by itself, but now that i see it built, idk...it looks kinda weird, sweet color scheme though, i always love the chrome and red

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Added reply in a thread help on bmx for a budget 12/26/2011 9:14 PM

eh, i would rather buy locally, i don't have a paypal or anything, so i'm either buying local or from dans, sorry brah...plus i have a color scheme going on my bike (white tubing, blue components) so....yeah, lol, thanks anyways

Added reply in a thread help on bmx for a budget 12/26/2011 9:07 PM

1.already bought cheap bike 2.already upgrading 3.???? 4.profiting

Added reply in a thread help on bmx for a budget 12/26/2011 9:06 PM

i would, but i already have alot of the stuff i need (ie, rims, forks, cranks, frame* so spending $450 that i don't have would be kinda pointless, lol