Added a product review for Odyssey Seven KA Rim 2/20/2012 8:02 PM

Odyssey 7-ka


The Good: Strong, Attractive, Reliable

The Bad: Pretty Expensive

Overall: I got this laced to a vandero 2 front, and a hazard V3 in the rear. Both are super true to this day. Looks great in black. Best rim ever if you can afford it at 85$

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Added a product review for Cult HEADSET 2/20/2012 7:55 PM

Cult Headset


The Good: Spins smooth, Attractive, Reasonably priced

The Bad: Nothing at all

Overall: This thing spins the same way it did when i got it. Headsets aren't that significant of a part on a bike, but it's always nice to know that it won't wear out. Great buy right here.

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Added a product review for Odyssey JPEGs Light Pegs 2/19/2012 12:44 AM

Jpeg Lighter


The Good: Smooth Fast

The Bad: Not for any kind of rock or stone

Overall: Smooth pegs worth the price. slide as good as they did the day i got them. Try em out.

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Added a product review for Cult Mind Control FL Stem 2/19/2012 12:23 AM

Cult mind control stem


The Good: Strength Looks Weight

The Bad: Nothing I can think of

Overall: Got this for christmas and has not slipped once since then. The flat top looks awesome with the fit shiv fork bolt. Plus the back is rounded off so no chance of cutting your knees with this thing. Best stem on the market. No wonder, it's a Cult.

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Added a product review for Fit S4 Aitken Frame 2/19/2012 12:00 AM

Fit Aitken S4


The Good: Strength Geometry Weight

The Bad: Paint chips easily

Overall: I got the matte clear (raw) version and after about 1 month, i noticed it began to rust around the headtube. After i scrubbed it with an SOS pad and sprayed some more clear coat on it, it was all good. Propably the best all around frame you could ever want, if your willing to pay 400$. Worth every penny.

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