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Best In BMX


The Good: Everything! weight, cross bar height, width. Everything about these bars is good!

The Bad: NOTHING. Thinking maybe I need 8.5 inch rise

Overall: You cant go wrong with these bars they are the lightest bars on the market and very affordable while still being strong.

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Not a Bad Fork


The Good: I got these from pro rider aaron smith and they have lasted a really long time. The weight is 30 oz and feels really good

The Bad: I did slam pretty hard and i hit a rail with my front peg causing drop outs to bend. i bent them back and they have been fine. These forks don't fit large tire sizes like demolition momentum 2.35


A good quality fork thats light weight and good for park riding and smaller tire sizes.

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3 Years and Still Going Strong!


The Good: This is a super strong light weight frame good for any type of riding. I ride mostly park and trails with it and i love it. This frame has lasted 3 years and I don't plan on getting a new one any time soon. This frame seems to be more balanced out than any other frame Ive ridden the weights not just all on the front end or back end its all equally balanced.

The Bad: It has a few dents but what 4 pound frame wont dent. My bottom brackets also sticks out a little but other than that this frame is flawless


Stolen has made an awesome frame that is super light while still being super strong. Good for all around riding.

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