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i know.i have a pair of turquoise grips now and if i go with mint and purple ill just buy prurple grips

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I'm spraypainting my bike and I can't decide on the colors. I was thinking all black with turquoise pedals, grips, and frame or mint bars and frame with a black fork, sprocket, and cranks and purple wheels, pedals, seat post, stem and grip. Any opinions ... more »

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Finally gonna get rid of my crappy plastic obviously I'm gonna get a new one. I like my seats slim any suggestions?

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premium lite front wheel fit faf tires with tan wall

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how much are you willing to spend?

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probably but i cant imagine it would feel good

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So I'm getting a new frame in the near future and I've narrowed it down to 5 frames, either the stolen cherry, the cult death row, the fly tierra 3, the premium guttershark, or the verde cartel 2 frame.Also, although I really love the cherry, I'm still ... more »

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My friend cracked his frame and is gonna get a new one..which frame do you think is the best on the market right now?

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s&m lil redneck has raw which is chromish

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The Good: the stem and the looks

The Bad: everything else

Overall: dont let the glow in the dark fool looks cool but it bends like shit and its front heavy

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Yah i knew that but other than that are there any differences?

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I saw the thread you made on getting a new one soon so what do u recomend..what camera do you use?

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Whats the difference between a halflink chain and a regular one?

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Yeah i meant 20.8 its a typo

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Im getting a new bike and the top tubes 2.8. Im 5"6, do you think its too big?

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their cranks and the easy street wheel are their only good parts the rest are shit

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Hang 5s by far

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how much duz it weigh?

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if u wer to make a custom bike wut wud u put on it? i mite get a custom and i need ideas for parts i want it to be like $975 or less

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id go with the friend has the boss and i personally think the bars r WAY too big