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it wasnt actually riding but it was on our way home from a contest. on the freeway one of my friends in another car drove up and threw a bouncy ball threw the window. so in retaleation, in the back seat of my freinds small 2 door car i pissed in a condom to throw at em, but it ripped on my zipper and started leaking like water a balloon all over. i held it out the front window from the back seat trying to tie it off wile, ryan, the driver was laughin his ass off, and luke the one sitting in front of me was almost crying, screaming let it! go cuz it was spraying back in the car all over him! hahaha! in the end, i missed the throw at the other car so luke and i were coverd in piss 4 nothing. HaHaHa that was fun trip back when i had enough friends that rode to fill up 2 cars for a trip b4 they got sucked into only drinking and girl friends.

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that vid was entertaining. and it didnt have a fruity ass song.

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bike is soo sick! u couldnt get those bars and forks with that paint job any way else.

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geez... Y does everybody hate on everything.

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