Added a product review for 2009 Diamondback GRIND Bike 9/3/2011 9:20 PM

definate fixer uper


The Good: smooth riding decently durable

The Bad: most of the parts

Overall: I bought this bike from a local pawn shop about 2 months ago, not knowing anything about it, i payed $85 for it. the bike started out at 30 lbs and was also very small, which was a huge problem for me. i ended up taking the brakes off, cutting the seat post, took of the gyro, replaced the seat, added grips, spray pained the rims and stem and changed a few other minor things. the bike ended up around 27 lbs which was better but i wasnt happy with the fat seat, the huge ass chainwheel, small toddler handlebars, the non durable rims, the one piece cranks and the fact that all the main parts are made of steel and not chromoly. the bike was pretty durable and smooth riding but definatly a fixer uper(aka a piece of shit) its a great begginers bike but other then that id seek a more expensive and more light weight bike.

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