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Added a product review for 2013 Fit VH Signature Bike 2/28/2013 10:51 AM

2013 Fit Van Homan Signature


The Good: Just about all major parts on this bike are amazing! The frame, bars, cranks, forks, and wheels are just as good as any after market part. This bike can really take a beating!! The pedals stick to your shoes and sadly your shins too.. Whatever slight problems I had, my local shop dealt with immediately.

The Bad: Their is only three problems with this bike. The one I had bought, had an incorrectly CNC'D sprocket which caused tight spots in the chain, but thankfully I'm close to the owner of my local shop, and he got me a brand new S&M L7 shield wrapped sprocket for free!!. The grips suck and you need new ones after one week of riding. Last but not least, The breaks are extremely hard to dial. The rear Fit FAF oddly does not really have that much tread on it, but it doesn't wear fast at all.


This is an overall amazing product. By far the best Fit has ever produced in my eyes. I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone!

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