Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Interlock v2 Chain 10/17/2011 8:26 AM

Shadow half link v2 chain


The Good: Half link design allows you to dial in your back end works well with small gearing Looks good Nice finish

The Bad: Broke on me on a couple occasions Links look as if they are about to fall apart, Makes popping noise and skipped on me on many occasions Stretches more then other chains, Requires shadow chain breaker. Overpriced

Overall: I have owned 3 shadow half link chains,I first owned the Original V1 chain,Which worked better then the V2 chain,It felt more solid,Didn't break on me,And i didn't experience the popping and clicking noises i did with the V2. The First V2 i bought was red,I bought it because i had a red frame at the time,But i sold it to another friend who needed a chain.I then purchased a black v2. This chain would make me cuss like a sailor putting it together on a few occasions.Both v2 chains broke on me a couple times,I never slipped off a grind or anything with it,I am not quite sure how it broke,But the links pulled apart. I got sick of it sounding like it was gonna snap,Everytime i rode with it on my bike i felt sketched out about it.One day i was riding and i looked at the chain and it was about to snap again,That was the last straw for me. I bought the new Cult half link which was 10 bucks less,WAY more durable,Had the new cult chain on in literally a minute,It runs smooth as butter.Teflon coated, and most big name pro's have made the switch to it. Don't buy the shadow chain,It will cause you nothing but headaches,My friends have had even worse experiences with the shadow then i did.Look into the new Cult chain! Even if your not a fan of Cult you will be happy with it for sure.

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Shadow Nostra Sealed metal pedals.


The Good: Got them for stupid cheap on sale. Sealed bearing, Stronger spindle then unsealed bearing pedals, Adjustable, Good finish, Grip good,

The Bad: shape is odd,Your feet feel uneven on the platforms, Little bit on the heavy side. Threads are a little tight,Had to use a little more force then usual to put them in my cranks. They will loosen so check them occasionally,Tighten the allen head on the outside of the pedal.

Overall: I needed some new pedals,While searching the Dan's Comp sale section i noticed these.Dan's listed price at the time was $26.99,Which is super cheap for a sealed aluminum pedal,So i ordered them.When i got them they were a bit heavy,But i'm not overly concerned about weight really.When i put them on i noticed they did not thread in easy,I had to use a little more force then i am comfortable with,Along with some grease on the threads,As soon as i got them in i took them off to inspect the crankarm threads,Everything looked good,So i put them back on. I noticed the first time i rode them they felt a little odd on my feet,Due to the concave design.But once i got used to them it feels ok now.They don't grip super good,But not to the point where my feet slip off.After a few sessions i noticed the bearing cap/adjuster was loose,A quick torque with an allen wrench and i was good to go,They haven't worked loose since. So overall i would say these are a decent set of pedals,Especially for the money!If your in the market for a cheap sealed pedal i would say go for it and try em.I rate 4 of 5 stars.

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Stolen S.I.C Pivitol post


The Good: Lightweight, Somewhat durable No seat clamp required

The Bad: Slips occasionally, Anodizing comes off fairly easily, Too short for me since i don't usually slam my seat,

Overall: This is sort of a wedge post design.Like mentioned above, When you tighten your seat the guts in the post expand tightening your seatpost as well,Using your seat bolt for 2 jobs is a good idea,Saves you money on not having to buy a seat clamp. I did experience some slipping on certain occasions where my leg hit my seat hard.But a quick loosen and i was back in business.I did have to torque it pretty good to stay put. So overall if you slam your seat,And your frame doesn't have a built in clamp you should consider buying this or the Animal Wedge post.I rate it 4 out of 5 stars

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S&M Randy Brown V1 frame


The Good: American made Somewhat durable Lightweight Supertherm top & downtubes Heat treated Micro heat treated dropouts Integrated seat clamp Removable brake mounts Nice paint

The Bad: Uncapped seat and chainstays at the dropout Only one headtube gusset Geometry is not for everyone Half link chain is a MUST Overly light to the point of strength sacrifice.

Overall: I had owned a mid school bike before buying the randy brown.I had rode alot of my friends lighter new school bikes and they felt alot easier to throw around and took less effort to ride. So i saved my money and built an entirely new bike.I chose the Randy Brown frame in early 2010 to be my frame of choice for my new bike build.I was impressed with the cosmetic look of the trans red,I was also attracted to the randy brown because of its weight,Heat treatment,Supertherm alloy,And the trust many people put into s&m.I bought it in 21". First impression of the bike was the extreme difference in weight versus my old bike which weighed around 36 pounds versus my new build that weighed in around 23.5 The super short back end made the bike feel much shorter then a 21,Almost was like riding a 20.75 it felt like.As time when on i really didn't enjoy the geometry of the frame,But it was a personal preference thing. I decided after a few months that i needed a different frame with some more top tube room, With a slighty mellower headtube angle,Slightly longer back end,And a taller standover. So overall my time with the randy brown was decent,But i never felt at home on it.Some people might really dig the geometry but it wasn't for me and doesn't take away any stars from my review. I would rate the RBV1 4 out of 5 stars,1 star less because of the single head tube gusset. I have seen a couple RBV1 buckle at the headtube because of this.Hence why the RBV2 has dual gussets to address the issue,And one less star for the uncapped stays which give the feel of a cheaper frame and allows dirt and rust to enter the backend by the dropouts.

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S&M Race Xlt Forks


The Good: Strong for non pegless riders 4Q Baked heat treated American made Decent paint Lightweight and durable

The Bad: As stated does require you to install a star nut or headlock in order to tighten your headset Not recommended for Peg use Not tapered Requires an adapter for use on integrated headsets which is harder to find these days.

Overall: I got these forks from a friend who bought them with a used frame he traded for another frame and some other forks,He ended up getting a set of Fit Blades,So he offered to give these race xlt's to me because he owed me some money he borrowed. When i got the forks they looked like older style pitchforks with smaller dropouts,But they were pretty lightweight as well.I don't race personally but heard that some people rode these riding skateparks and even street.So i ran them with pegs even though it wasn't recommended because the drop outs are very small and not ment to take grinding abuse. I only rode them a few sessions with pegs and lots of friends told me to sell them before i did any damage to the dropouts which i did.The dropouts never bent from my grinds although i didn't ride them very long maybe 7 or 8 sessions where i did some grinds. I would recommend them if your going for a lighter set up and don't use pegs.I rate them 4 out of 5 stars because of the need to install a star nut makes it a hassle,Also that star nuts are notorious for pulling out of the steerer tube while tightening your headset.

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Dk Vice Grips


The Good: They hold to your bars pretty well,I didn't experience any throttle grip with them. Somewhat durable

The Bad: Terribly uncomfortable,Would have been better off putting duct tape around my bars They wear in a very weird pattern, Even when they wear in they are still uncomfortable.

Overall: I had a pair of these grips years and years ago,Went to a lame bikeshop a few towns over and bought them before a session.The grips i was using before were super worn out to the point of wearing all the way through.The bike shop had a terrible selection of bmx and only had these in black and some Ati grips in some funky colors so i went with the DKs, As soon as i put them on my hands hurt like hell to the point where it was painful to ride.When i got home i tried the boiling technique to try and soften them up.But that hardly made a difference.I ended up just taking them off a couple weeks later and gave them to a friend who was broke and needed grips and i bought some primo logo grips after that. If you manage to stumble on these do not buy them,Nothing against DK,Alot of their other products are decent but these don't make the cut. 1 out of 5 stars.

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Fit PC pedals


The Good: Nice assortment of colors Grip your feet alright Classic looking "wellgo" design Cheap

The Bad: I was pretty disappointed with the durability of the pedals,Although i did buy the clear red,I have heard the Solid color pedals like the black for instance are more durable and hold up better to abuse,After riding sealed pedals unsealed feel sketchy,They always tend to giggle after riding them for a short period of time,The pedal spindles are also not as strong as a sealed pedal.

Overall: I have always rode aluminum pedals since i started riding,Since plastic pedals were "In" i decided to give them a try.With them costing below 20 bucks it wasn't too much of a gamble.My first impression of the pedals was that cosmetically they looked pretty damn good.They did grip my feet alright. After 2 sessions at some local skateparks while chilling after a line i noticed one of the bearing caps with the fit emblem keeping dirt and dust out of your pedals had fallen off,A quick search around the park and i couldn't locate it so that kinda sucked. After a few more rides they started to get loose and giggle and at the rate they were going my confidence in them was gone.I went back to my roots and purchased a set of shadow sealed aluminum pedals on discount and i have been much happier with those since. I gave the fit pedals to a friend who rode them a couple sessions and ended up trading them for some Odyssey twisted plastics and 5 bucks and he hasn't hand many issues with the odysseys at all. So if you are looking for a quality plastic pedal go with the Black Odyssey Twisted plastics,Many pro riders use them and sware by them. I rate these pedals a 2 of 5 stars for their lack of durability and construction quality is lacking.

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Fit FAF tire


The Good: Rolls smooth Nice tread design Thick sidewalls Goes on nice and easy and balances well Made of good rubber on the non folding version, Folding version is just as good if not better. Holds up for a long time.

The Bad: Not the most grippy tire i have owned, I washed out pretty good on a 360 at a cement park with it when i landed but the park was pretty slick cement,

Overall: I have owned 3 FAF tires,2 being the non folding cheaper version and one of the folding version. They tend to last for a pretty long time although i don't ride everyday,But i have friends who ride more then i do and my friends FAF lasted over a year and he rides brakeless so that included some skids from putting his foot in the tire. They resist flats pretty well,The sidewalls hold up to grinds good like feebles and whatnot,Where as other tires i have used showed alot of sidewall wear from grinds. The tire is pretty affordable and comes in a good variety of sizes.I would recommend it to just about anyone for front and rear,Although if you do ride a lot of dirt i would suggest something a bit more aggressive to get good traction around berms and loose dirt. I rate the tire 4 out of 5 stars.

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Fit Shiv II forks


The Good: Strong,Yet lightweight design. Ultra Tapered fork legs. Heat treated Quality Aluminum Compression cap Durable and good looking paint Micro heat treated dropouts, Fork legs have notch for clearance of pegs Can run super wide tires.

The Bad: The dropouts are a bit thin for my liking,But have held up well to grinding,Even with some rough grinds where i hopped a bit too high and smacked down on a ledge, Overseas's manufacturing isn't really a bad thing,But when i purchased these i assumed they were made in the USA at S&M like the first gen shiv and blade forks. Not lifetime warranty but that's no big deal to me really.

Overall: I ordered these as soon as they came out,I was in the market for a new set of forks because i was running a set of S&M Race Xlt forks and i was using pegs with them when i wasn't suppose to,So i sold those to help fund the purchase of the Shiv II forks. They came in a nice fit box and included a sick poster of van homan doing a 3 turndown over brian foster railing a berm at the same time which hangs above my computer screen now haha. I first noticed how insanely light the forks were,I was a bit skeptical at first.But the forks have held up awesome to my riding,The welds looked great,I purchased the Matte Black color that matches well with just about any color scheme. The paint is also very durable and doesn't hardly scratch.The compression cap has a nice fit logo and looks great,It snugs up my headset just fine.The steerer tube length isn't super long but does require you run a good sized headset spacer.I also have tons of tire clearance with a 2.25 and i wouldn't doubt it fits a 2.3 tire pretty good. So if you are a smooth rider and are looking for a set of lightweight yet strong forks i would buy these!Plus the price is pretty fair at 114.99

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Solid Trailblazer AKA Thunderbird frame


The Good: American Made Great Geometry True Temper Supertherm top & down tubes Comes in a large variety of top tube lengths Lightweight but strong design Heat treated dropouts Integrated seat clamp. Dual Head tube gussets.

The Bad: Frame is now called the Thunderbird,No other changes besides the name, Picture above is a Solid AA frame not the Thunderbird. I am not a big fan of the uncapped seat and chainstays at the dropouts, But thats more of a personal preference thing. Solid has not yet used the removable brake mount design on their frames.But offers frames with or without mounts. The only negative thing i can say about it the paint jobs that come on their frames are not as good as other brands like S&M,Fit,Etc. Otherwise its a great frame overall.

Overall: I purchased this frame around 8 months ago coming from an s&m randy brown frame. I have always been a fan of Solid,This frame being the 3rd i have owned over the past 10 years. Solid really updated their newest frames with butted supertherm tubing,Micro dropouts,Integrated seat clamps,Tapered seat and chain stays etc. When i first got the frame what stood out the most was the quality welds,I purchased the clear coated raw version in a 21.5 and it was awesome seeing the heat around the welds,It gives it a tough,Unique look. I ordered the frame from Solid and received it 2 days later via Fed Ex.It was very well packaged in a nice box and the frame was in a high quality clear plastic cover,Frame was also included with stickers and 1 pair of Solid grips. The frame went together without any issues,Very smooth assembly,Everything fit nice and snug.My first impression when riding it is the geometry fit me like a glove,It isn't too overly responsive like most bikes,It feels stable,Stiff,And has held up great so far.I would recommend buying a Solid if your in the market for a new frame.Solid is always very helpful with questions and stand behind their products more then any company i have dealt with. I would give the frame 5 out of 5 stars overall, I would rate the fit and finish 4 out of 5 because their paint isn't as good as some other brands. So overall i still consider it a 5 out of 5.

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