Added a new video A day with Konstantine shredding street! 4/25/2011 4:49 AM

Konstantine from Zelenograd, Russia shredding street with such techno tricks like fjwhips to bar and bunnyhop double truck!!

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Added a comment about feature Vans Video Vault: Ryan Guettler 1/2/2010 6:17 AM

Some photos with me in vans

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Added a comment about feature Vans Video Vault: Ryan Guettler 1/2/2010 4:34 AM

Hello, Ryan! This is Yura from Moscow. Ok, I would like to tell my memory.

Last winter me and my friend decided to ride bmx at -28 degrees. In our capital there are no parks which you can ride in winter, so we need to ride to dirt. It was about 10km from my house. So we started out travel. We wear 2 t-shirts, 2 trousers, lot of socks and 2 jackets. Next I met my friend near my house and we rode to dirt. It was very hard, bcz there are a lot of snow and no asphalt. At quarter of our way we stopped, have a little restt, bought food and coca cola in the shop. Put it all in bags and start to travel farther. At half of out trip there was a small hill, so we decided to walk. It was rly cold so we didnt speak. When we upped, we took 2nd rest and ate some food, it was a roll. After a rest we started our hard trip. We walked and walked, I was at this dirt only once, so I didn't remember how to get to it well. On the way was a small forest, cause dirts was at the edge of the city. So we entered it and walk and walk, walk and walk , trees and snow, trees and snow. After long walk we was military base, there were a lot of tanks, weapons, cannons, guns. We saw 2 soldiers and asked how to get to asphalt) They told us, so we walked farther cause there were a lot of snow. So we found this asphalt road and ride on bikes down. At half of this road were 3 path made by ppl, so we need to change one of this, which will take us to dirt. We choosen the middle path and went down on it. After 10 minutes we heard voices, we ran to them and saw a big hill. Near it was dirt, we were so happy. We greet people and took a small rest. Next we were very thirsty, we took from a bag coca cola but there were ice in place of it. We saw that other riders drunk hot tea from thermos. We very destressed, we froze but took bikes and started to jump dirts. After 10 min me and friend couldnt feel out arms and legs. We took bikes and ride all our power back) At half of road we were like a big ice, pain was in all parts, hard to breathe but we rode all power even there was very very cold. When I came home, I put my bmx and ran to bath, I took hot shower, for me it was very cool, I was in the 7th sky. After that I didnt ride until the timperature will grow down.

Thank you for reading my memory store. Sorry for my bad English cause there is bad education. Hello from Russia and Maryono Team!

p.s. I would like to give review and suggestion about whip 2 and whip3. Now I ride (at the moment not ride cause of snow) whip2, they are very comfortable but I think they are not so durable. Cause of riding few monts with tailwhips, part which I catch whips torn. So I wish to make them more dureable.

Again thanks to all. Wish to all to come in Russia in winter, drink russian vodka and ride bmx all day))

Here is a photo from start of winter, now all days there are a lot of snow day by day more and more

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This feature has 141 comments.

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