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I have a 21" FBM Steadfast in raw. 14" rear end and 74 headtube. $225 shipped OBO.

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I'm parting out my 2014 FBM Steadfast. Haven't ridden much lately so it's time for this to move on to its next owner. If you see something you like, feel free to offer. Ask about specific parts and I'll give you the details.

2014 FBM Steadfast ... more »

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I'll sell you bomb ass stem and sprocket designs for $1000 a piece.

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I would highly recommend not consuming whatever drug you are consuming. Either that or you're just an idiot.

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Beautiful post m8. I personally blame the death of VitalBMX on Topsey leaving.

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Tripod seat posts are actually weaker than most pivotal posts because it changes thickness right at the top. I've seen quite a few snap at that spot. Really bad design.

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Daaaaamn, I remember this guy. Watched his videos all the time. Completely forgot about him for a couple years.

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Guess where the money is. Hint: Not BMX.

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If your shoulder hurts, I would recommend building up 7 different bikes and not riding any of them.

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It's eskimojay. He's always going to find some reason or excuse as to why an Odyssey/Sunday part isn't the best, and it will always be bullshit.

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Fuck with the angle and see what works best for you. Otherwise, you'll get used to it. I rarely have my finger on the lever.

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This isn't a site for riding, this is a site for crying. Srsly tho, bikes are far from perfect. Sure, we're pretty much down to a lot of the small stuff, but saying there's nothing left to do is very limiting. There's always room for improvement. Hopefully ... more »

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Interbike is making me suicidal. There's absolutely nothing new. All the "new" shit is just the same shit in a different color, or someone bringing back something old to try to appeal to older riders. I used to be stoked seeing Interbike posts because ... more »

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You're really, really, really overthinking this.

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Real nice, makes me miss my mint green Cartel Kiraly kit.

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My girlfriend and I both smoke almost every day. I could go forever without weed and I won't ever really feel like I need to smoke. I like smoking, but I'm in full control of it. On the contrary, if my girlfriend goes a night without weed she pretty ... more »

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Going to be a shift manager soon, can already confirm I have had combos I would never think of eating if we weren't so desperate.

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Sunday uses non-integrated clamps because they clamp better, are more durable/replaceable, and put less stress on your frame.

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You're only saying that because you know someone will oppose you and you have nothing to back up your opinions. Also, I only come back to shit on you. Don't know why but I hope you feel special.

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This thread is fucking ridiculous and everyone involved should be banned.