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Hey Im 15 and ride BMX Dirt and have the up most passion for it I live in Victorville Cali and have a nice trail set up in my backyard, i have been riding for around 4 years and started with a crappy bike and I'm now on what i think is one of the best bikes out there and love it. I have a small bag of tricks but who needs tricks when you can boost and float over a nice double. I plan on moving to Greenville NC or somewhere in Utah but thats in a few years right now I'm just concentrating on hanging with my friends while i can and riding my bike and pushing myself and my friends as much as i can because i love the sport and want to have my hand in it. Well thats me and you can send me a friend request or a message if you want and if you are in Cali stop by and hit up my trails. Have fun riding and be safe but not too safe - Zach...P

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