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Added a product review for Hoffman Bikes HB SPC Pegs Pegs 1/27/2013 12:04 AM

really fucking light and smooth.


The Good: really fucking light and super cheap. rolls reall smooth.

The Bad: weak cos aluminum


ive only ridden them about 20 sessions, 10 of those sessions i only used them for stall and for practicing grinds at slow speeds. 5 of those sessions i rode them quite normally, all grinds at normal speeds on flat ledges only. and the other 5 i absolutly killed them. high speed grinds up and down rails, slamming the fuck outta them. and so far they look pretty dented, don't think they'll last me another year 100 hard sessions, but then again, i don't grind often. and i can barely feel the weight difference.

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Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Sprocket 1/26/2013 11:58 PM

soild sprocket


The Good: good price, relatively light and great colours.

The Bad: nothing atm


if you are looking for a great colour way for you're bike, you can't go wrong with shadow. have never had a problem with this sprocket and it holds up well with grinds.

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Added a product review for Colony Fantastic Plastic Pedals 1/26/2013 11:54 PM

best short term pedals.


The Good: cheap, light looks slick and great

The Bad: weak and pins can wear down fast.


when i first got these i was learning barspins, so the majority of my attempts ended up with my bike slamming against the floor, with the main weight landing on these colony pedals. after a month or 2 the right side pedal finally gave way and snapped. if you're light and don't stack too often these should be good.

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Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Rear Hub Guard 1/26/2013 11:46 PM

amazing guard


The Good: good weight, strong, looks amazing.

The Bad: nothing because it's a hub guard.


have only used it for a total of 20 rides, long and short, since i got it and it's still holding up really well. don't think i'll ever be rotating it.

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Added a product review for Demolition Bulimia Front Hub 1/26/2013 11:43 PM

smooth roll


The Good: cheap, maple axel cut short for a clean look. rolls great. light

The Bad: nothing so far


if you're looking for a cheap hub that is really well and reliable, i'd say go with the demo. been riding it for about 11 months now and still rolls like new. still rolls as smooth as the day i got it, even though not as long because the bolts are a bit tighter atm because of pegs but it should roll twice as long with out.

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Added a product review for Fit F.A.F. Tire 1/26/2013 11:35 PM

slickest tire


The Good: light weight, cheap, and so far no complications with ware and tare. such a smooth ride, really rolls you fast when pumped up hard. very slick and really good for sliders and those steeze kick out things.

The Bad: i guess the tread is very small so as a brakeless rider of 4 years i find it hard to try and not to stick my foot on the tire.


i've been riding these tires for about 11 months now and i've had no problem with them. people say they're really slippery when even a tiny bit of water is on them, but i have never found myself slipping out because of wet. if you enjoy steezing and flowing around a park, these are perfect, they slide really well.

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Mitch Galvin | Up Against The Wall - Rampfest Edit. Filmed last night at the indoor skatepark in melbourne. quality kinda kaked itself through the editing process since i had to download a new software to edit the clips since none of my existing progams ... more »

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yea bar ends saved my life. impaled myself in the stomach around 3-4 years ago. would gone right through if i hadnt had bar ends

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also try get the bike as level as possible before throwing

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butt out and head forward should help

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yeaaa dave

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done. hope it helps

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there are some on dans. have a look. i think they are $4 for a pair.

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i just bought some glams. if your looking for a 29 wide bars, have a look at the kink wolf's. a mate of mine has them and they feel great.

Added a product review for Maxxis M Tread Tire Tire 6/6/2012 10:07 AM

beast of a tire.


The Good: grips great lasts forever

The Bad: heavy.......

Overall: im running 2 m-treads atm and have been for the past 4 years. both have alternated from my front and rear so both have a decent amount of ware. i bought one of them second hand (5 years old) and the other is 3rd hand (6 years old) and even though all the tread has gone, it never slips out on me. i reconmend this one for the long haul.

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Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Crank & Bones Sprocket 6/6/2012 10:01 AM

weak sprocket


The Good: light cheap

The Bad: weak, not good for grinds


if you dont grind at all you have nothing to worry about, its a great park sprocket if you're never going to run pegs. one side of mine bent down making it uneven and askew after a hanger went wrong. other then that, minor cases like maybe a small disaster bump wont do it any damage.

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Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Strike FL Stem 6/6/2012 9:57 AM

great stem


The Good: looks amazing, holds great. ive been running this stem for about a year now and not once has my bars slipped. even when i undo them to re-spray my bars or whatever, without the front cap, the bar still stays in place and have to use quite a bit of dorce to remove it. highly recomended

The Bad: my blue stem got dirt pretty quickly but thats my fualt i guess. and the paint is really thin on it.

Overall: other then the paint being too thin it is a great stem

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