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you dont understand mate

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and you cant cut gyro upper cables unless you have a gyro with knarps in built

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28/9 with halflink slams at i think 13.3 my frame is 13.34

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i didnt see this?

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well it must of worked because you seem to know about his channel so it is somewhat working innit

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tbh, more posts aint gonna make you ride any better, get the fuck out there and start riding, you aint gonna notice much when first starting out

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hey... do you realize its 2016 and the thread was last posted in, in 2013. shit idea also

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also you may need a couple of mm spacers

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chur.....chill man stop over thinking in the time youve started asking ive gotten a new car and a new bike, and youve gotten what? information.

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im looking to sell my freecoaster for $230. it is a cinema freecoaster with colony pintour rim and some black and silver

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how does one slam a fork?? ohwait do you mean slammed stem

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my lever is on the opposite side and because i pass the bars around my hand ends up on the brake lever. ive had a longer reach lever and its not the actual lever blade its where the brake mounts to the bars that i catch

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so i ride brakes and when i barspin i catch my lever and my foot slips to the crankarm, when i run no brakes i catch it perfect and my feet stay still aswell. does anybody had/have this problem and can help, its really annoying me that i cant barspin ... more ยป

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ive got a norco ryde, only bad things are the forks and the weight but it only cost me

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allright thanks guys!