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Finally snapped but loved it.


The Good: Good geo for street and park riding. Slammed rear end helps with techy tricks or extend it for a good combination of tech and park style. The trans sky blue colorway looks awesome I got compliments all the time. I didn't have problems with paint chipping or fading like other people said however their reviews are older so I'm sure they had different colorways back then.

The Bad: Nothing, the frame snapped after 2 years of use.


I mainly do grinds among many other things. This is my 2nd s&m frame. The 1st, randy brown, snapped after it got passed down to three riders and lasted at least 2-3 years. My BTM actually lasted exactly 2 years. It snapped but I'm not mad because it lasted a long time and I got my money's worth. No doubt I will be getting another s&m soon, this time trying out the ATF.

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Started new thread need help properly putting on plastic pegs!! 10/6/2014 8:56 PM

So I just purchased plastic sleeves for my shadow little one pegs however Im stuck with a problem. I don't know whether to have the washer between the dropouts or inside the peg. Right now I have it between the dropout and plastic however it keeps sliding ... more »

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They don't last long.


The Good: They we're very comfortable and squishy once broken in. Nice grip.

The Bad: Lasted only about 2 months and then the ribs started to tear.


Once all the ribs start to tear off and is left with the flat surface of the grip it starts to hurt when used. The good thing was that the grips were long enough that I rode and held them at the ends so one end wore down and then I just flipped the grip around to reuse the unused end so make em last longer. However this won't be good if you grip em in the middle.

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Added a product review for Cult LEADER Handlebars 12/8/2013 8:03 PM

alright but it bent


The Good: black chrome looks great. they feel good

The Bad: had these until my bike flew off my roof rack going 60mph. only thing that broke was a plastic peg and these bars were bent...


i'd get them again. Unless you doing like 60mph of force hitting the ground on these things then i guess they shouldn't bent

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Added a product review for Colony Clone & Wasp front Hub Guard 9/10/2013 11:24 PM

Does What it's Designed For


The Good: They work and guard the hub and spokes fairly well.

The Bad: Hubguard gets stuck if you grind down the screw to stop it fro rotating.


For some reason mine did not come with the small screw to hold the hub guard in place from rotating. This caused my hub to be loose. However I went to a local hardware store and found a screw with a little help from an employee. After I installed it my hub didn't become loose anymore. But while grinding on the hub guard where the screw is will warp the hole. Therefore I could not unscrew the bolt anymore, the hub guard is still stuck on the axle. the axle is still removable, however if you ride 2 pegs up front be careful where the hub is guarding because if you grinded down the screw then your axle will be stuck.

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I need help with how frame geometry effects the bike. My questions are how does BB height, chainstay length, Seattube Angle, Seattube Height effect the bike/riding I'm a street rider and I'm 5'11"

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Added a product review for Shadow Conspiracy Alloy Bar Ends 12/12/2010 6:19 PM

damn good barends


The Good: They tighten enough inside the bars so they don't fall off or move. Take a lot of damage but still don't break or fall off etc.

The Bad: Hurts if u hit ur knees trying to bar

Overall: Good barends, compared to the past metal barends ive had these are the best.

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Truckdriver to tuck no hander

Shuriken Low Blk/Wht 11

0 0 0

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Started new thread Title in the background. 10/30/2010 1:38 PM

Does anyone know what Editing softwares will allow me to have a title/name in the background An example would be in this vid. Watch 00:10-00:14.

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i have the same problem im right foot forward but i whip to the left and turn my bars to the left inside. when u try them ur feet should have ur pedals turn upright so they arent both leveled

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so i'm getting a new frame tomorrow and the frame i have is a stock verde eon 2010 frame. it has a standard headset with forks that are used with it. and now the new frame im getting has an integrated headset and my question is do i have to get a new ... more »

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im kind of thinking i should get a 20.75

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I might get a 20.75 becuse i i think about it i started off with a 20" and been using it for over a year. and even though im almost 6ft tall its still pretty good for me. so i guess even if i grow out of a 20.75 it wont be as bad cuz i dont think ill ... more »

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ik but the problem is that i don't want to get a frame thats too small. on my current bike its 20" and i can do 3s but not all the time cuz i just learned them a couple days ago. changing from a 20-21 will be a big difference

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i ride street and dirt mostly. working on my 3s right now so idk if a 21 would be good for me to learn them but i guess ill get used to it idk yet

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I might go with the 21 then not sure yet

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i might but like i don't know if it will be too big, i guess id get used to it. but the main reason im concerned on what size to get either 20.75 or 21 is cuz i dont have enough money to get a new one for a while

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alright but I need more opinions

Started new thread frame size??? 7/20/2010 1:06 AM

I'm about 5'11" and im getting a new frame soon. I've been riding a 20" for about a year. Now I need a better frame but I don't know what size I need. Some of my friend's say 20.5 is enough but others say I should get 20.75 or 21. So I need help choosing ... more »

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