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yeah the focusing thing was kind of what i was going for but I may have overused it slightly haha

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The frame is an amity something or other mate, I'd never heard the song used on an edit so I just picked it out, if i knew i would have changed it i hate over used songs, thanks guys

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Thank man

Started new thread COLLEGE VIDEO - any tips would be good 1/12/2014 11:56 AM I had to make a one minute video for college and naturally decided to make a short edit. I know there's not much riding but it was mainly focused around the filming and editing style, anyway I hope you like it and any creative ... more »

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Shadow Alloy Pedals


The Good: They are real grippy and a good solid pedal

The Bad: after a week or so they started to come loose and even once tightened still became very loose very quickly, also the whole idea of being able to change the pins is completely pointless when once they have ground down a bit or have a bit of damage it is hard to then get the allen key in to change them.


All round not a bad pedal but I think if i were going to get a pedal with metal pins or metal body i would probably go for the odyssey jcpc (Y)

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soo many crankflips :O

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Thought id give an edit a go hope you guys like it

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