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Added a product review for Stolen Team 2.5 Cranks 12/19/2010 8:41 AM

Best Cranks Ever


The Good: The cranks have almost no flex, they're waay strong, paint doesn't wear or chip easily, they look sweet.

The Bad: Gotta have your receipt to warranty them IF you manage to break them.

Overall: Amazing cranks. I love them. I would recommend them to everyone, actually I already do. They're the best cranks i've ever ridden, hands down.

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Added a product review for Fit Down Low Regular Stem 2/1/2009 5:06 PM



The Good:

The Bad:

Overall: I really like this stem. It looks and feels amazing. i don't own it but i have ridden it. i actually have the DL style that comes on some of the completes. and that one never slips.

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