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Until now skapegoat has just been a name bob scerbo used for his videos. Last year he had the bars made and now the frames, i don't think there is any sort of team for skapegoat.

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And that has nothing to do with skavenger

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I have been watching their posts. Seems kind of over enthusiastic (like he has the answer to life) and a bit sketchy.

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Riding an abondoned mini golf course This is my friend Donnie hitting a transfer from a kicker into the bank. You can see me filming in the background. ... more »
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A mini van or old pickup truck, something practical.

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I'm pretty sure they are advertised on instagram as having a liftime warranty. I love mine.

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That stuff looks so cool. My cousins used to go to some old asylums like that in maryland to shoot for videos. They told me one time they were in a morgue and their brand new flash lights both died and they heard so noise so they ran away and never went ... more »

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This kicker to fence wallride destroyed my knee but i powered through and landed it
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Anyone here have any cool pictures, videos, or stories from exploring stuff? Yesterday me and a couple friends took rafts into an abandoned train tunnel that collapsed in 1925 and has filled with water. We thought flares would look cool for pictures

... more »

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Yeah i mean a lot of the stuff with topsey did go too far but it doesn't even matter anymore. He hasn't been an active member of the forum in years, why bring it up now?

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I think nathan williams deserves to win the actual contest, but i'm voting for colt fake because he is my personal favorite and i hope he wins fan favorite again. The editing and song in alex donnachies parts was horrible. Demarcus' part was great too, ... more »

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They still have the same picture from when all of that was going on. Like when topsey said he wanted to kill ohioan and make it look like a suicide. But none of that matters anymore.

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Been riding something like 8 years. I'm not very good in the number of tricks i can do. I focus on taking the basic tricks to bigger spots. I mainly do 360's, wallrides, and grinds. Coolest trick i've ever done is probably a 180 double peg down a handrail. ... more »

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Gsport has some sort of warranty on their rims. I snapped a ribcage once and they sent me a new one.

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Yesterday some scooter kids tried to tell me a tailwhip on a scooter is just as hard as a tailwhip on a bike. A few days ago some guys that ride scooters (and are at least my age) were telling me how they like scootering because it's easier and doesn't ... more »

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He had a full part in cuts tho

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Holy shit that's hilarious, but it's still wrong. He was in cuts, not all day.

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I hope they all have to wear leotards and pink tutus

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I've never been rejected by a girl because i have never tried to talk to a girl.

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I mean, i kinda am a vx fanboy, but i do recognize their downfalls and they are not for everyone. I will still use mine some even after getting an hd camcorder. Isn't the hpx170 the exact same thing as the hmc150 but uses p2 instead? I know p2 cards ... more »