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Reply to Finely Bearded Men 12/8/2016 7:43 PM

Added a profile push stem and have fbm heart seat on the way

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New thread Bell full flex helmet 12/5/2016 2:35 AM

Does anyone have any experience with the fitment of these helmets? I am looking to get a new helmet here soon since I should be wearing one and the one i was wearing isn't a certified helmet and has a big crack in the side (protec full cut). I only want ... more »

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Reply to Trails Only! Vital's 1st Laird Build 12/3/2016 7:18 PM

no i never posted it up on here just Instagram.

Reply to Terrible One, Profile Elites, Standard Bykes, Tree 12/2/2016 11:21 PM

Didnt you just buy this off brosiah like a month or so ago

Reply to S&m tallboy for sale or trade for lhd z coaster 11/29/2016 4:00 AM


Reply to Trails Only! Vital's 1st Laird Build 11/29/2016 3:32 AM

I need to make a new seat for the fbm just been slacking. I started sewing up a pleated cafe racer style fat seat but just keep getting distracted. Might put the deah seat i made back on or the empire seat

Reply to GRIPS AND PEDALS??? 11/28/2016 11:44 PM

S&m btm (hoder) grips are big, soft and perfect, and metal odyssey grandstands huge platform, feels great and perfect for pedal grinds plus you wont have to buy new pedals every few weeks cause they dont wear down like plastic pedals do.

Reply to 90's grunge and punk 11/28/2016 10:14 AM

I listen to audio books when i ride.

Reply to Trails Only! Vital's 1st Laird Build 11/26/2016 10:15 PM

Looks good man.

Reply to Gear ratio for 18" wheel 11/26/2016 8:36 PM

My buddies 9yr old runs 30-9 on his 18 inch. Just have him try each setup and see what he likes?

Reply to S&m tallboy for sale or trade for lhd z coaster 11/26/2016 7:17 PM

Not looking for any parts really wanted $225 shipped and like i always do I'll throw a handful of goodies in as well stickers small parts ect... frame was ridden very little due to work, injury and watching my infant daughter while my wife worked. So ... more »

Reply to What fitbike frame is this 11/26/2016 9:25 AM

fit hawk v2

Reply to I only went and did it..... 11/23/2016 10:43 AM

Cool story.

Reply to I only went and did it..... 11/21/2016 11:20 PM

laird frames are garbage lol, if i'm spending $500 plus on a custom frame i want it to be custom, not a cookie cutter looking frame with a cheesy seatstay bridge and geometry tweaks. Plus pretty sure fbm has a little bit more experience in building frames ... more »

Reply to Skavenger Frames...? 11/15/2016 10:22 PM

i have a skavenger bridge frame for sale actually lol

Reply to Skaters... are egos 11/14/2016 2:34 AM

I'm cool with almost every local skater, bmx and even the scooter dudes and fruit booters. I always get psyched and try to hype anyone who it trying to just have fun up. People need to lighten up nowdays. I'm actually starting a full length video that's ... more »

Reply to Cheapest way to mail a frame? 11/14/2016 2:27 AM

Cut it into small peices so it will fit in a smaller box

New thread From behind the bars to behind the lense. 11/11/2016 11:08 PM

So I find myself constantly changing my setup due to becoming bored with it and just kind of bored with riding in general. So I decided to make the transition from rider to filmer/photographer in hopes it will give me new perspectives on BMX. I am not ... more »

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Reply to Weight weenie & bike weights...? 11/11/2016 11:54 AM

my bikes 22lbs with no pegs, no brakes, and most the time i throw pegs on literally just to add weight

New thread S&m tallboy for sale or trade for lhd z coaster 11/11/2016 7:13 AM

20.75 s&m tallboy barely ridden, light scratches on right chainstay. Credence xl bars 9.25x29 wide, freshly installed odi longnecks, s&m director seat, handmade leather stem and handlebar pad set, 28t 22mm spline drive mutiny sprocket. Looking

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