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Fit WiFi - excellent frame


The Good: The Fit Wifi frame in 20.75" is my current frame and unless it breaks, it will be my frame for a long time, I may even get another after this one. I primarily ride street and park , and with the shorter rear end length and steeper head-tube angle of the WiFi I've found it very quick and responsive, without being squirrelly. This is a very durable frame and has yet to show any concerning signs of wear, (for example I bounced the DT off a ledge pretty hard yesterday and it barely dinged it). The geometry of the WiFi is what stood out to me most and is the main reason I bought it, also the price is very reasonable on them. I like the shorter rear end more for ease of getting up onto bar/over bar height ledges and rails, for me it's easier to suck up the rear end on a shorter frame, but also it's been great for spins and manuals without having too much a tendency to get loopy.

The Bad: Not made in U.S.A.... That's about all I can find that I don't like , but it also would've made the frame more expensive to make it here so it's really not an issue! Maybe some more color variety would be cool too!


If you're in the market for a strong, responsive light (sure there are lighter frames but at under 5lbs if you think that's heavy....nvm) then get a WiFi. You'll save a bunch of money and be happier than you would with whatever else you were lookin' at!  They're strong, quick, stiff and well priced. Can't go wrong with the Fit WiFi!

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I got one for ya, it'll be up tonight

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Sunday Conductor Frame. Excellent Frame


The Good: Sturdy construction and quality 41thermal tubing. I love gusseted frames, especially on the Dt/ht, so this fits the bill nicely. CS brake mounts are functionally better than SS brake mounts so if you run brakes (I don't), this frames for you. Long top tube length is great (I had the 21.25), very stable and yet responsive on all terrains. Good stable HT and seat tube angles. Also, I like the fact it doesn't have the wave DT, the frame is very clean yet sturdy looking.

The Bad: The only thing I can say against this frame is that the DT gusset could be a little more ovalized (I never had and issue but this can be a point if stress and easier to crack the weld on a flatter gusset, than one who's weld "wraps" the DT more). Also the dropouts could stand to be a little thicker. Also, if running a brake, you must run at least a 28T sprocket, and even with a 28T it is almost rubbing already so it slaps quite a bit.

Overall: Very solid frame, extremely stable and retains responsiveness because it's quite stiff. Personally I love the fact Sunday uses DT gussets, it Provides a considerable amount of strength to a high stress point of the frame, and lends some unique personality to the frame as well, nice to see companies do things like this since most frames today couldn't be more simple or similar to each other.... Although it's very strong, it remains quite light. This frame is fantastic in dirt and just as comfortable in street and park environments. Also the price is quite good. Buy this frame and you'll be very happy with it. If you're going to run a brake, make sure to get a 28+ tooth sprocket.

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Agreed! Check out my bike checks and I said the same thing! It's my current bike and the best I've ever ridden of the 15+ frames I've had.

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BoneDeth Coffee Grinder pegs


The Good: Nice machined finish, strong, good length slide well on most surfaces (being chromoly And....BoneDeth!!!

The Bad: Not much much bad to say, I wish they had anti-spin pins, and they're probably a little heavy for the weight weenies out there.


Awesome pegs, I thought the initial machined finish would be slicker, but not any more than normal. They do slide well, I will say and being heat treated chromoly they should last a while, I've had them on all 4 corners for a month or so now and they've been doing great on all sorts of surfaces and are holding up well, anti spin pins would be nice but not necessary.

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Hey sorry about the super delayed response, I haven't been on here in a quite a while. Honestly I never measured but I'll measure it and get back to you, I didn't have them change any of they're tubing specs for it, I just had them make it in 21.25, and no brake mounts so it's totally flush all the way around.

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Standard STA-500


The Good: Strong, light, custom order available, looks, stability, paint... I haven't found anything about this frame I don't like.

The Bad: Cost... Is about it.


I've been riding my custom ordered STA for several months now and primarily I ride street/park. It's a 21.25" TT, brakeless (no mounts) and its honestly the best frame I've ever ridden out of the 15-20 frames I've had. Very stable, no hang ups on grinds at all, amazing feel and controllability. I can't say enough good things about this frame. I have wanted one for years and years and finally got one, now it's all I ride. If you have the money and are hard on bikes and want an amazing all around frame get one if these. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

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Shadow Noctis Crank


The Good: Light, good lookin' cranks, good feel, colors, strong.

The Bad: Bolt heads on the clamping bolts could sit in more recessed or flush so they don't get trashed on grind f-ups and bashes lol.


I love the cranks, good price as all things go. Lots of unique colors to choose from, very solid aluminum crank. Shadow did these right.!

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Another solid T1 frame!


The Good: Very solid, controllable feel. Good weight, yet doesn't sacrifice strength. Feels great riding street and park, like I said it is very controllable and has agile response. High quality US made frame.

The Bad: I can't say anything bad about it actually. Little bit long feeling in the rear end sometimes but only noticeable at times. Could just be me lol. Oh yeah the brake mounts do kinda come loose but I ride brakeless so it doesn't matter to me, just put a dab of loctitie on them (posts).


I'd definitely buy another one and would recommend to a friend. I'd like to get one of the other T1 frames too, maybe an SFA and see what it's like. I love this frame though and I like to buy/sell frames but I'll keep this one ;)

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S&M does it again!


The Good: Super strong for its weight, strong for any frame, great geometry an feel, made in USA! Super light and has a great response

The Bad: Paint but that's it!


The LAF is solid, Light As Fuck, but solid ;) perfect street, park, dirt frame that helps huck goo sized shit due to the fact it weighs nothing! I love mine, go buy one!

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One of the best frames I've ridden


The Good: Great geometry, perfect weight, rear end length couldn't be any better for a 25/9 setup with a half link chain, I can stuff the biggest tires I have on it! Oh and it's USA made by Solid!

The Bad: Nothing! I got mine used and got a helluva deal so I can't complain about price but some might if they pay msrp. But there are many more expensive frames out there.


Quickly became my favorite and "daily" frame. I try to ride American made frames, makes me me confident in them lol. the frame has such a good feel and geometry thy it became my first pick to ride of my two bikes. Pick one up and shred away, it will stand up to anything ya dish out!

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Standard 250L


The Good: Strong, light, great geometry, stands up to anything you can throw at it.

The Bad: Nothing at all.

Overall: Great frame, very strong. I ride street and park with pegs ns have had no issues, contrary to what others have said.

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Eastern Ultralight Fork


The Good: Strong as fuck, I like the straight legs (not tapered), paint held up well.", good geo and design.

The Bad: Nothing really, aluminum top caps are driving me nuts lately tho, this one was stripped when I bought the fork, (purchased used), some people will complain about the weight but if you are a whiney weight weeney, don't buy em!

Overall: Awesome fork, strong and durable, personally I like the weight and a little heft in my bike, (feels solid and strong. ) buy these forks if you ride your bike hard and need something that will hold up to a good beating. I bought them used and they still haven't given me any issues whatsoever.

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Eastern vaquero


The Good: Great feel and response, strong, good paint and I dig the color (mines dark flat purple), great geometry.

The Bad: Dumb graphics, that's ok peel the stickers off and it looks great!

Overall: I love it, feels great and so far has held up great, sturdy as f@ck and, fits a nice fat rear tire.

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