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MY hometown Douglas AZ, Because I grew up here and our skate park has a nice mini ramp also its a border town to mexico there are many streets spots and friends to ride with also they visit Douglas and we ride some street or park don't matter as long as we ride !! I also have all my family it it makes things so much better !! there our bike shop has its own team called blass with David and Kevin Peraza ... good place to be :]

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fantastic :]


The Good: everlthing they are super light ;]

The Bad: it got one tight spot that i did not like at all ;p

Overall: it is a great chains better than all the other ones !! :]

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not to sure


The Good: they are good slide good they are thin :] not much to say about them ??

The Bad: they are way to thin when i try to tighten them i needa fine a small tool that fits the bolt though so i dont really like that i always have to drive my bike whitch i love to the bike shop so they have to do it for me :p

Overall: they are great but i would prefer other ones or peg less

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such an amazing bike :]


The Good: it rides smooth and i have had mine since like last august i think and it still feels new :] i have not really had and problems with it and i put a little of custom parts so its even better ;]

The Bad: the forks suck ! my started cracking recentyly and they bent pretty bad i would change them asap

Overall: perfect bike i love it it unexplainable her name is jenny :]

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what day of febuary though ??

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hell ya i have been wanting these tires especially in white walls :]

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working on my new edit hell ya :]

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