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orale homs que pasa

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Hey man
I would like to know which the name of music and the band who touches in its video in the VitalBMX
thanks brow

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join my group

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thanks dude...this is a nice much hard...whatever..
see yah...

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NICE NOHANDER is vert hard

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yeah, I´ve known this kid for quite some time now, and I can tell you all that he´s the gayest (is that even a word?) person I´ve ever met...
...but he kicks ass when he rides. Maybe that´s why he´s sooo gay hahahahaha!
Cool, my nephew!

É, eu conheço esse moleke já a algum tempo e posso dizer q ele é o cara + gay q eu já conheci...
...mas ele detona no BMX. Vai ver q é por isso q ele é tããão gay ahahahahah!
Valeu, sobrinho!

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