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Added reply in a thread Favourite bands/artists/genre 8/1/2015 9:52 PM

I've also been Jammin to rural Alberta advantage as well

Added reply in a thread Favourite bands/artists/genre 7/31/2015 8:44 PM

Folk punk. Anything with pat the bunny, ghost mice, and daze n days. Other shit like the hotelier/the hotel year, neutral milk hotel, say anything, and of the vine are what I've been listening to recently

Added reply in a thread whats your favorite bmx trick to do? 7/30/2015 8:09 PM

Hop 3s when I do em right Fast plants Peg chinks (when I do run pegs) Pedal feebles on quarters Ghost feebles Edit: nose bonking hips is wicked fun Can cans

Added reply in a thread What size bmx tyres do you ride? 7/22/2015 8:48 PM

I'm running 2.4s now. Never ran smaller than the 2.2s that came stock on my old bike so for my next pair I'm gonna try to get 2.10s or 2.15s to change it up

Added reply in a thread Tube Always Pops Whenever I 'Try' To 180 7/20/2015 10:51 AM

Never heard of maximum psi for tubes. Anyway, go closer to the max tire psi like he said

Added reply in a thread Girls, Girls, Girls... 7/19/2015 7:34 PM

Fucking this

Added reply in a thread post some chill edits 7/19/2015 7:30 PM

Tony Cardona's empire edit.mtoo lazy to link but yeah

Added reply in a thread Tires/Tyres 7/17/2015 8:08 PM

I've never ridden momentums, but I've hear many, many people say the sidewalks are like paper and grinding shreds them. I've also heard of people running them for months with no issues.

Added reply in a thread Scumbag Solvent 7/17/2015 8:06 PM

I'll never wear a belt when I ride cause hairs from my happy trail almost always get stuck in the buckle. You're welcome for that image. That being said i put in a damn good effort to find pants that won't fall down

Added reply in a thread What color should I go for my bike 7/14/2015 9:30 PM

Those grips look retarded. As far as colors go, get black everything, can't go wrong. Worry less about color and more about performance of the parts

Added reply in a thread Flanges 7/14/2015 7:51 AM

I stopped running flanges after I'd get blisters all over the side of my index finger and thumb. I'm just used to flange less now

Added reply in a thread Saddest story I've ever heard from bmx i^i 7/4/2015 11:25 AM

I'm in lol But for real can you imagine? Being able to ride whenever, wherever, without security guards and cops?

Added reply in a thread Back end weight 7/3/2015 10:15 AM

Learn to get used to it, or go back to a cassette My back wheel now is an odyssey hazard lite laced to a hazard v3 cassette. I had a demo rotator on there before, and it actually feels surprisingly light now

Added reply in a thread Pedal Pressure 6/25/2015 6:43 PM

Switched from cassette to coaster back to cassette. You can't use pedal pressure, but brakes can help

Added reply in a thread Need some help from all you independent vitalbmxers! 6/21/2015 12:45 PM

You got video games? Just get stoned and play some of those fuckers, pretty good time for me

Added reply in a thread how do i stop girps from riding in 6/14/2015 7:46 PM

Spray paint. Seriously. Hairspray is a joke

Added reply in a thread Conversation about Eclat 6/10/2015 8:57 AM

Stevie is definitely not eclats claim to fame lol. He's a big name rider with signature parts, sure, but to be honest if it wasn't for the fireballs I wouldn't even know he's on the team

Added reply in a thread New Rear HUB??? wich is best??? 6/7/2015 1:37 PM

The BSD is higher quality

Added reply in a thread FreeRider2 (chalenge) 6/3/2015 9:23 PM

I forgot this game existed

Added reply in a thread Demolition Rotator Freecoaster drive side hub guard? 5/31/2015 7:31 PM

I as also wondering about this but couldn't be fucked to post about it