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21.25 frame, not 21.75. although you did get me to click on it just to check out the frame, haha

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fucking this. that being said its almost universally easier to wall ride on the same side as your front foot

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just build your own fucking bike dude. just cause it works for him doesnt mean its gonna work well for you

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what the fuck is a spanish headset?

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ride drunk. seriously. i used to be a huge pussy about trying stuff till i went to the park at like 830pm after the sun went down, had a tall boy, got a bit tipsy, and ripped around. idk what it was but now that feeling of being scared is something i ... more »

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1 footed x ups are fucking rad, i pretty much had to learnt hem out of necessity. my frame is way short for my height and i kept hitting my wheel against my front foot when id turn the bars so i said fuck it and learned em 1 footed too

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my buddy has a tennis ball in his wheel and his explanation was that someone threw it at his wheel a couple years ago and it got stuck. its literally that easy

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can cans were easier for me. i still can't nac nac, its so hard for me to keep enough control of my bike to bring it back under me

Added reply in a thread How fast should I progress? 10/4/2016 10:49 AM

it honestly depend on how hard/often you ride. someone who cruises around for an hour every few days is obviously gonna progress slower than someone who rides constantly and sends himself all the time

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I'm running it in the front. its a solid rim.

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check out the conjurer. mat roe rips and I believe thats the lowest of the mutiny frames

Started new thread Triple case? 9/13/2016 5:25 PM

Anybody remember that video from the last 2 or 3 years (I have no concept of time right now) of the dude hitting a step down spine thing and he cased the top of the takeoff with his back wheel, and then the coping at the top of the landing with both ... more »

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He seems like a kid with a good head on his shoulders and a solid bag of tricks. That being said his videos are marketed towards younger dudes (I'm 20) and I'm not gonna go out of my way to watch his videos

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put up pictures of the serial number on the bottom bracket if it hasn't been worn down over time

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they're fucking hops jesus christ you all sound like 12 year olds at the skatepark

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use google

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That tire definitely needs to be changed. It's tough to say when they need to be changed since different tires have different treads that wear differently (obviously). I generally try to get new ones when the tread gets too smooth

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softened wax doesn't sound bad. and wouldn't wrapping it in aluminum foil heat it up and melt it faster?

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dont do it. I'm 6ft and I'm on a 20.75 and it still feels way too small for me

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might as well try...assuming it's actually a pro.