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remembered this one from a while ago

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i was missing the tapered washer in my cranks. my buddy was actually the one who figured it out. know how we fixed it? he took a nickel-because he found out it had the same outer diameter as the washer-and drilled it out so it would slide over the spindle ... more »

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lol this sunday is pretty stacked with a decent amount of diversity-mark burnett, erik elstran, chris childs, brett silva, jake seeley, and of course gary young

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switching from a 13.75-14 cs to 13.2 is gonna make manuals a lot easier to learn. the keyword is to learn. i went from a v1 broadcaster, running my wheel at 13", to a t-1 hickerson, running the wheel right around 14". manuals were way too touchy on my ... more »

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damn, not enough notice to take it off from work. sounds rad though. if you ever find yourself in manchester and wanna ride hit me up on here

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fuck yeah on the seat post height

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just learn to spin to the right. certain tricks will be a lot easier

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if you're gonna take your back foot off make sure you stretch that shit, favorite one that comes to mind is the one Taj did at the t-1 ramp (RIP) in his odyssey electronical part

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honestly weight is the last thing i look at when it comes to a part, if i even look at it at all lol

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man, you would have hated back in the day waiting for VHS's and DVDs to come in the mail

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^i remember seeing that one on fb. gnarly.

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fbm because bmx wouldn't be what it is without fbm-theyre so embedded in the community, its rad. mutiny-their aesthetic is rad, the team is well mixed and dialed, and their videos have always been on point bone death because burns is the man and its ... more »

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^that. also pusher probably has some

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pizza, all day every day. my personal favorite right now is chicken fritter and ricotta. so fucking bomb

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so sexy! id much rather see a grimy, scratched, fucked up, well ridden bike than some shiny untouched plastic pegged fuck thats barely been ridden.i love seeing steel pegs that are rusted/ground till they're silver

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hell yeah, the copper looks rad!

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honestly, i hear a lot of people saying they push forward on the bars, and while thats a good way to learn it can really limit your hop height. i kinda try to keep pulling up while I'm in the air, cause b best case scenario i can leverage myself higher ... more »

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i hate running a tight chain just because breaking a chain fucking sucks (and its happened to me like 3 times, all while i was pedaling of course) so i like to leave enough slack that i can crankflip and spin the cranks 1 full spin just cause id rather ... more »

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i remember a year or so ago him and charlie crumlish got into a HUGE IG beef- basically charlie called him out as a cokehead and shit and just as a shitty person in general. the only story that pops into mind is he was apparently coked out and choked ... more »