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Odyssey makes a 13t freewheel, but for anything smaller than a 16t you need a flip flop hub to use them.

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It is a hub guard

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I'm sure you know this by now but you're right, 16t is the smallest freewheel that's gonna fit on those. To get the same ratio with a 16t rear, you're gonna need a 34t front.

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I will be 42 in March and I'm still at it as well. I think overall things are pretty damn good currently. I live in SE Michigan and the scene around here is pretty good. Lots of riders and spots to ride. I'm kinda limited right now to indoor spots but ... more »

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I'm a test and balance technician for commercial HVAC air and hydronic systems.

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Hey!! I am finally able to lift some wieghts with my arm some. Sorry about the long delay. I moved and had to deal with some deaths in the family...been really busy. There was no time to think, but I am back! Not allowed to ride a bike yet...surgeon doesn't think I am ready for that yet.

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hey. nm man.. nice bike!

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What's happening man?

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I'm 40, 3 kids and I still like to ride. In fact, I'm right in the middle of building a ramp in my backyard. Like others have said, it's just a number.

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OK now, get with the update

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Fuck all of you I ride front and back brakes

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I'm the same height as you and I've always ridden 21" TT. No problems.

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