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former vx guy here: if anything, vx's work better with mac than pc, due to not all pc's having firewire ports also, skip the vx1000 if you cant afford 700+ for a fisheye, and at least 100 every few months for maintenence dont get it vx2100's are much ... more »

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Nose the top of a ledge and then drop off the side and lockout tooth chink it 60/40 a ledge Learn back pedal grinds or butchers

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team members dont like rich hirsh's management of stranger and are leaving. things like putting lz on pro without every having him on am or him even being on a team in the first place are making them feel that all he cares about is the $$$ at least that's ... more »

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its more reflex than technique but heres what i do figure out the most likely way ill fall, then how im most likely to get rekt (not clearing the frame and getting brought down with the bike etc) and then just do it and go from there

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Yeah not running giant balloon tires are definitely a gimmick who wouldn't want to run tires that have higher rolling resistance, heavier weight, and more drag on grinds? Smh stop running giant fcking tires gdamn

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Email gsport george

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Out here in SoCal specifically where i live it's a lot of messing around with outside the box combos (serious or not) as well as a lot of ledges. Also pretty much everyone I ride with has a free coaster and 3-4 plastic pegs so grinding really bad surfaces ... more »

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i think i have around 6 or 7 gb of music already loaded and a bunch of apps. i wholeheartedly agree with the camera thing, the s5 was touted to have a very good camera but it looked shitty in less than perfect light, and was incapable of focusing on ... more »

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bumping this because i just traded in my s5 for a 6s 64gb. camera is miles sharper and less noisy in low light, 4k actually looks decent and the front camera isnt warped like my s5. way faster as well. 64gb is a must if you install any apps/music, i ... more »

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Looking for anything other than a sealed male front hub? I've got a bent n4 somewhere but good luck finding a new axle.

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really surprised you haven't already sold this, 225 is a damn STEAL for a zcoaster also wouldn't hurt if you just listed who you've sold to and bought from on any other bmx forums good luck with sale

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not super interested in chrome bars, especially at the lower end of the size range, and 50 shipped to west coast seems to high for me given that they aren't exactly what im looking for

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get odyssey jcpc's and youll have plenty of grip regardless of your shoes

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-audio from the clips would have been cool -too much car footage imo -there were a few shots that were really over exposed -rolling fisheye clips could have been more smooth and whatnot, but I know how hard filming fisheye from a bike can be. I find ... more »

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8.25-9.00 no dents List a damn price or I won't respond

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Clutch because I don't like clicking sounds

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Blaaaaa: discussing an edit that was posted by vital or the come up is different than a person trying to promote their own videos