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screen cap is a look back but it's just a bunch of footjams

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sometimes it has a 14mm center axle that sits in the drop outs. but there are 3/8ths bolts that screw into that center axle, that could be a possibility fyi

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my 08 macniel bibi just cracked. 4.5lb dirt frame. fuck thats like 8 years of riding. i mean im not hard on my bike but im not scared to jump off big stuff to flat. i dont do much of the pegs thing as much, tho

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Hey, I need an additional left pedal spindle for my shadow pc pedals. if you have an old used up set of shadow pc pedals, then please send them my way for some cash? or if you have the right crank arm for a lhd set of wombolts, that would also be fantastic ... more »

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how did it happen? did you leave your garage door open with the bike sitting there? did someone break in?

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seems like all the folding tires I've ran have problems with the bead. well I've only run microknobbies really, and they all seem to be wonky and wobbly. my rim is definitely straight and there's definitely big lumps and imperfections on the tire. iirc ... more »

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anyone have one of these? how dinky are the dropouts? sometimes i scrape my chainstays during pedalslides but all my other litewate frame's chainstay's seem to get dented but dont break

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the spokes underneath my gland always end up bashed in and deformed around the ends of the flange and then they all snap near the J within a year. and then it is a bitch to replace spoke and relace guard everytime but its ounces lighter than all the ... more »

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so i have a lhd set of 175mm wombolts. but both arms im using are left arms. so i want to put shadow pc pedals on these cranks but i need two left pedal spindles. does anyone know what pedals have similar or the same pedal spindle i could swap out? any ... more »

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fuck, i needed those tires. what size were they?

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interested in the khe tires. what size are they?

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question one. do you parts have lube/oil/grease on them or are you just running it dry. question two. do you have more than one wrench? you need two wrenches. are your wheel hub bearings sealed or unsealed?

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21-22.5 varying mostly by my tires, seat and choice of pegs

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is the profile sprocket 19mm or 22mm? if it is 22mm then i will take it!

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what do you mean the brake is wearing out the rim? that shouldnt happen unless you have some sort of heavy debris in your brake pad. and do you mean to replace the rim only or the whole wheel?

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im a weight weenie my bike hoovers from 21-22 lbs -20.75 mostly a park bike but i still ride street on it. -kept my brake mounts on the bike and a set of the quickly install-able odsy springfields in my truck (and a helmet) for whenever i hit the trails.

... more »
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the fly or fbm aren't spanish bb, are they?

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I need one, I would like to buy a few ...I also need bb spacers/washers

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22in bmx? basiccally just take your current frame and add 1/4-1/2in to the tt and chainstay. i have a superlight, longish park/trails bike and a semi beefy, short, street/jump to flat bike

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fenceride, soma skatepark sf my favorite diy, lower bobs, took me 2 years to figure out how to flow the park . no pants bunnyhop, seattle . this guy with no pants, seattle . burnside ... more »