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Damn long frame @ 22"


The Good: Super long TT which is great due to my height. Solid frame as it has bounced across the concrete more than once as I am just re-learning and getting back into the sport. Removable brake mounts (yeah, still using brakes, but rethinking it). Probably average weight at a bit under 5 lbs. And it has some color. Back in the day all bikes were so different and you could tell what it was from a mile away. To my untrained eye, so many of them look exactly the same and so many people run mat black. I wanted a frame with a splash of color and I think this did just that. Micro drop outs, nice tire clearance...

The Bad: Same as the good. Has a long Top Tube so it's not going to be for everybody. BUT, nothing as of yet. But if I end up snapping this b**ch I will revise.


If you are tall, I would totally recommend this frame. But it's not for everybody.

I know some people have noted having issues with an sanko 4130 cromo, but honestly, I don't mind the Japanese metal at all and until the frame proves otherwise, I am going to ride the heck out of it.  It has taken a pretty good beating so far with 0 damage (although at this point in time, I don't have the skills I used to - so as I improve we will see how it holds up).

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